Trilook Kapoor Biography: Age, Education, Career & Achievements

Trilook Kapoor

Trilook Kapoor Early Life: In a Punjabi Hindu family, Trilok was born as Dewan Basheshwarnath Kapoor’s second child. He began the nascent Hindi cinema business (Bollywood), like his brother Prithviraj Kapoor, in the 1930s and was one of the most financially successful actors of the time.

Trilook Kapoor  Personal Life

He was born in Peshawar and later lived in Mumbai and Calcutta. One of the last homes in the neighbourhood, now known as Trilok Kapoor Marg, is his bungalow in Union Park, Chembur.

  • Vicky and Vijay Kapoor were the names of Kapoor’s two sons.
  • Vicky Kapoor was a politician and lawyer, and Vijay Kapoor was a film director.

Trilook Kapoor Career

In the popular film Char Darvesh (1933), he played the lead opposite Kanan Devi. In Debaki Bose’s 1933 smash song Seeta, he played the part of Luv. In the movie, Prithviraj Kapoor played Rama, Gul Hamid played Laxman, and Durga Khote played Sita.

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Trilok Kapoor rose to fame as a leading man in the 1930s and 1940s and for a few years, he was one of the highest-paid movie stars.

Trilook Kapoor Movies

In 1947’s super-hit film Mirza Sahiban, Noor Jehan’s final film in India before she migrated to Pakistan, he played the hero opposite Noor Jehan. Leading actresses of the day, like Nalini Jaywant, Sushila Rani Patel, Meena Shorey, Sulochana, and others, were frequently cast opposite him in supporting roles.

In the wildly popular film Pyar ki Baatein, he was coupled with Nargis.

Trilook Kapoor ~ Several of his other outstanding pieces

In the 1955 movie Ekadashi, he played a hero alongside Mala Sinha. He played the major role in Ram Janma, a popular movie by Nanabhai Bhatt (1951). He portrayed Lord Vishnu in the very popular 1955 film Waman Avtar, starring Nirupa Roy and Shahu Modak and including the Kavi Pradeep-penned classic song Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan.

The devotional songs “Bholenath se Nirala (Har Har Mahadev),” “Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan,” and “Pinjare ka panchi” are still quite well-known today (Naag Mani). In 1962, he also worked as a producer on the film Shiv Parvati, whereby Jeevan and Shiva Ragini performed the roles of Parvati and Narad Muni, respectively.

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Trilook Kapoor ~ a few obscure facts

  • Great-grandfather of Rishav Kapoor and Prithviraj Kapoor’s stepbrother.
  • Trilok Kapoor Marg was the name of the street where he lived in Chembur.
  • With Shiv Parvati, in which he played Shiva, Ragini played Parvati, and Jeevan played Narada, he made his production debut in 1962.
  • starred with Noor Jahan in Mirza Sahiban, her final film in India before Noor Jahan emigrated to Pakistan, in 1947.