Today is Trump’s best day of 2024

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He is almost certain to get the Republican nomination. It looked like Nikki Haley’s effort was for nothing after Trump easily won the Nevada and US Virgin Islands caucuses on Thursday night.

Today is Trump's best day of 2024

Today is Trump’s best day of 2024: Someone gave the former president a political gift. An independent special counsel added fuel to concerns about Joe Biden’s age by making direct references to the president’s memory loss after finding that Biden had knowingly messed up secret documents and that his memory loss makes it impossible to convict him. A news conference at the White House that was called quickly put Biden on the defense. Biden said, “I remember everything well.”

He is almost certain to get the Republican nomination. It looked like Nikki Haley’s effort was for nothing after Trump easily won the Nevada and US Virgin Islands caucuses on Thursday night.

It looks like he will win at the Supreme Court. Justices were very doubtful that Colorado could label him an insurrectionist and keep him off of their votes.

One, two, and three should make Trump feel good about his political future, if only for a short time.

Today is Trump’s best day of 2024: Adding to the fuss about Biden’s age

Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was chosen by Trump to be the US Attorney in Maryland, said that Biden should not be charged. His decision was a political attack on the president’s fitness. Hur said that the leader of the free world was a “kind, elderly man with a bad memory,” which meant that he could not be charged with a crime.

Biden’s opponents went crazy over the strange assessment in a Justice Department paper right away, and it will stay in the public’s mind much longer than any other news story.

“Does this sound funny?” Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina used lines from Hur’s report in a post on social media.

In a quickly released joint statement, House Republican leaders said, “A man too incapable of being held accountable for mishandling classified information is certainly unfit for the Oval Office.” They were referring to how the special counsel described Biden in the report.

Biden made a statement in which he said he was happy with the result of the special counsel investigation and that the matter is now over.

Not really. There were already doubts about his age, and they will only get worse now that Republicans are ready to jump on any gaffe or mistake he makes, like this week when he mixed up the names of two dead European leaders.

Biden scolded Hur for questioning his memory of his son in harsh words that acknowledged the outcry.

“He has no right to bring that up!” Biden stated. “To be honest, I didn’t think it was their business when they asked me that question.”

He took off one of Beau’s rosaries and said, “I don’t need anyone to remind me when he died.”

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Biden’s memory during his interview with police

Hur said that Biden forgot important dates and information during his meeting with police, like the year his son Beau died and the years he was vice president.

The White House denied the reports right away.

According to a five-page letter sent to Hur by White House counsel Richard Sauber and Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer, the report uses very unfair language to talk about something that witnesses often do: forget what happened years ago.

Concerns about Biden’s age were pushed aside by Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland. He called them “ridiculous cheap shots” and pointed out that Trump has also made some mistakes recently that have been caught on tape.

Raskin told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday night, “I just spent an hour with President Biden and the whole Democratic caucus, where he regaled and entertained everyone.” He said this after going to a meeting for House Democrats in Virginia.

Other things Trump could use to his advantage

Trump has tried to make a false connection between his own fight with the government over secret documents, which led to one of his federal charges, and what was found in Biden’s garage and den in Delaware. The story shows boxes in Biden’s garage next to his Corvette. Trump supporters will almost certainly put these pictures next to the famous ones of Trump’s boxes in an empty bathroom at Mar-a-Lago.

There is no double standard in the justice system, even though the politically charged language Hur used to describe Biden could be seen as proof of that. Trump will also point to the choice not to prosecute Biden as proof of that. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who works for Biden, chose Hur to be a special counsel.

Today is Trump’s best day of 2024: Biden vs. Trump over secret information

A lot of people might forget that the main point of the special counsel’s report should be bad for Trump. In the end, it was decided that Biden shouldn’t be charged with crimes for willfully mishandling secret documents. Most of these documents look like notes that Biden wrote by hand in notebooks. Hur made a point of telling the difference between Biden’s careless handling of secret information and the case Trump will be charged with in federal court in Florida as early as this summer.

When secret information was found, Biden told the National Archives. Trump, on the other hand, fought with the National Archives for more than a year before the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

Biden voluntarily gave the information over and helped with the investigation. Trump, on the other hand, is accused of working with his employees to make it harder to find missing classified papers.

Hur’s story talked about classified information that was about Biden’s policies in Afghanistan when he was vice president. It included a handwritten note in which he told President Obama not to send more troops to Afghanistan. In the end, Obama didn’t listen to the suggestion. Many people think that Biden’s choice as president to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan, which will let the Taliban take back power in 2021, is a bad thing about his foreign policy record.

Trump kept a lot of classified information. The criminal complaint against him didn’t go into much detail about it, but CNN says it included specific military attack plans.

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Trump gets more good news

Trump is still unbeaten and in complete control of the primary race after wins in Nevada and the US Virgin Islands on Thursday.

In Nevada, Trump was always going to win because party leaders rigged the delegate-giving process to help him. Haley, Trump’s main opponent, wasn’t even a choice for people who went to the caucus Thursday. This week, the former governor of South Carolina decided to run in the state-run primary instead, where Trump was not on the ballot. Haley came in second place behind “none of these candidates,” which made her look bad and showed that she was no longer important in the race.

The state’s Republicans will all vote for Trump.

Even though she lost badly in Nevada and is running badly in her home state of South Carolina, where the next Republican primary is on February 24, Haley has said she will stay in the race until Super Tuesday in early March.

Today is Trump’s best day of 2024: There are good signs for Trump in this one Supreme Court case

There’s a chance that Trump won’t win the Supreme Court case after Thursday’s oral arguments, but he must be happy with how things are going.

It wasn’t clear to even the liberal justices on Thursday that Colorado should be able to name the former president an insurrectionist and keep him off the state’s ballot after hearing evidence last year.

Many people who follow the court thought that the fact that the question of whether Trump actually committed insurrection was barely brought up during the arguments. This was a sign that the justices might not even talk about Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, in a decision that is likely to confirm his eligibility to run for president.

Still, the Supreme Court has to decide on bigger questions about Trump, like whether he is completely immune from punishment. A DC appeals court said last week that Trump does not have super immunity and can be charged with trying to change the results of the 2020 presidential election. His lawyers have until Monday to ask the Supreme Court to review that decision.

Trump was supposed to start his federal trial for meddling in an election the day before Super Tuesday, which was the most important day of the primary season. On that day, voters in Colorado and other states could pretty much lock up Trump’s nomination as the Republican nominee.

Some people who follow the court think that if it doesn’t look into the matter and lets Trump’s trial in Washington, DC go ahead, it will be a very bad day for him. But if they do talk about it, Trump might have another reason to be happy.

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