This week, inactive accounts on google will start being deleted. Here’s how to save yours.

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If you have an old gmail or google email account where you have not logged in for long, then quickly do so because your email could be deleted anytime soon.


In December 2010, Google will start erasing unused and unread personal email accounts. Such also applies to any related material, such as Google Workspace components such as Google Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Photos.

What does Googles reason for getting rid of dormant email accounts.

This, according to Google in a blog post made in May this year is meant to protect the users from the fraudsters.

Such accounts remain forgotten or ignored even after the change of password due to using old ones, not enabling second factor authentication, and receiving less attention from users as well as being vulnerable in contrast with other accounts.

Internally Google finds that at least there will be ten times more abandoned accounts with no security check compared to the active ones. The company further explained that this can increase their chances of being attacked and exploited to anything from identity theft to spam.

It concerns personal but non-office emails that are operated by individuals, including those of any school or enterprise.

Will Google begin deleting inactive accounts when?

In May, Google announced that they will delete inactive accounts in batches.

  • The Google will start deleting the account in December.
  • First of all, Google is going to delete all the accounts which were created but not activated.
  • Prior to deleting the account, google will communicate at regular intervals across several months
  • through both email addresses that have been associated with the account, including a recovery email provided for that purpose, all the way until the date of deletion.

How should someone act if he doesn’t want to lose his account in Gmail?

Said Google, you must log onto your Google account once a year to once every two years. These accounts and services will be listed down as active, hence, they would not be deleted. Activity includes these activities:

  • Reading or sending an email
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • App download from Google Play Store.
  • Using Google Search
  • Singing into a third party’s application or service using Sign in with Google.

Activity on accounts, such as a subscription setting up through a Google account e.g., Google one, or news bulletin or application is another type of activity.

At present, however, this information is no longer valid since google noted that there has been no decision for it to remove such accounts in question.

In addition, Google recommends giving a recovery email, offering some free utilities for managing an account or backing up information. This ensures that Google Inactive Account Manager allows the user to choose what will happen to his account and data after being inactive for almost 18 months. These could be options like forwarding particular files in order to trusted accounts, employing a Gmail autoresponder or deleting the account.

Afterwards, your Google account as well as any other products connected with it are all gone. In addition, you will not use the same email address for a new profile.

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