The Real Name of Khan Sir Revealed: All You Need to Know

What is the qualification of Khan Sir

The Real Name of Khan Sir Revealed: Khan sir is well-known in India these days, and a lot of people, especially students and people who want to work for the government, really like him. Still, it’s not a surprise. Khan Sir is probably someone you know or have heard of if you are a student. Every day, more and more people like him. An important YouTube station called “Khan GS Research Center” is run by him. About 8 million people have signed up to follow him. A lot of people like the way he teaches, so millions of people have signed up to follow him on YouTube.

The Real Name of Khan Sir Revealed

Faisl Khan is Khan sir’s real name. Born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, in 1993, to a middle-class family, he is from that area. His mother stays at home and works as a maid, and his father is a builder.

Who is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir is a famous Indian teacher and YouTuber who teaches History, Geography, Current Events, and International Relations. There is another name for him: Anand Kumar. He is from Bihar, India.

Khan Sir is famous for the unique way he teaches and his commitment to helping students from poor families prepare for standardized tests. He’s been in a lot of news stories and interviews, and he even wrote a book about how he thinks schools should work.

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Khan Sir’s Education Information

In terms of his schooling, Khan sir finished primary school at the Parmar Mission School in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. After doing well on his eighth-grade tests, he became interested in joining the Indian Army. He tried to make his dreams come true by taking the test to get into Sainik School, but he failed. He studied for the Polytechnic test afterward, but failed.

He finished the 10th grade at a school that taught in English and the 12th grade at a school that taught in Hindi. Also, he worked hard to get ready for the AIEEE test after his 12th-grade tests, but he fell asleep during the test day and couldn’t pass. Following his education in science, he went to the University of Allahabad, UP, to get a Master of Science. Besides that, he has a master’s in geography.

Khan Sir Growth

Khan Sir opened the well-known teaching center “Khan GS Research Center” in Patna. These schools help kids get ready for tests that they need to take to get government jobs. People in Patna also think they are the best for tests like the UPSC, UPPCS, BPSC, and BSSC.

He made the YouTube channel “Khan GS Research Center” in April 2019. Today, this station is a big reason why Khan Sir is so well-known in India. His YouTube station got 10 lakhs of new followers in just one month. There probably isn’t another way to learn that is growing so quickly.

Khan Sir’s first job as a teacher was in a school with a group of six kids. His skills as a teacher made him very famous very quickly. He went from having 40 to 50 students in each class to having more than 150 students in each class.

Khan sir’s classes and movies are so easy to understand that anyone can use them to learn anything. Besides this, Khan also makes movies about different recent events. People in Patna and all over Bihar know him as a great teacher.

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