Texas SNAP Benefits Payment May: Who is eligible to receive their payment this week under the SNAP program?

Families in the most need are sent assistance by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in several states of the union.

Texas SNAP Benefits Payment

Texas SNAP Benefits Payment May: Families in the most need are sent assistance by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in several states of the union. Under this federal program, qualifying low-income people and families get money to buy food.

Previously known as the Food Stamp Program, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards are used to purchase qualifying food goods at approved stores, much like a debit card.

There are limits on what people can and cannot buy through this program, which aims to fight hunger and improve nutrition in low-income families. For example, you can’t use the money to buy gas, booze, toiletries, or hot food.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a similar program that helps qualified families by giving them cash and other services like job training, child care, and transportation.

Its goal is to help low-income families with dependent children. We are, therefore, exclusively discussing SNAP.

The EBT card known as the Lone Star Card is used much like a debit card to pay benefits. The benefit sum is put in the card’s account each month, and the user can utilize it anyway they deem appropriate.

When will your money arrive?

According to Marca, these are the crucial dates. As May starts, another round of payments is due.

The final two numbers on the back of a SNAP card are the Eligible Determination Group (EDG) number, which determines how much money is paid out.

  • EDG Number: 14-17. Date: May 5
  • EDG Number: 18-20. Date: May 6
  • EDG Number: 21-24. Date: May 7
  • EDG Number: 25-27. Date: May 8
  • EDG Number: 28-31. Date: May 9
  • EDG Number: 32-34. Date: May 10
  • EDG Number: 35-38. Date: May 11
  • EDG Number: 39-41. Date: May 12

SNAP Payment Schedule for May 2024

According to the USDA, this is the payment schedule for all states and territories for May.

Alabama May 4 to 23
Alaska May 1
Arizona May 1 to 13
Arkansas May 4 to 13
California May 1 to 10
Colorado May 1 to 10
Connecticut May 1 to 3
Delaware May 2 to 23
District of Columbia May 1 to 10
Florida May 1 to 28
Georgia May 5 to 23
Guam May 1 to 10
Hawaii May 3 to 5
Idaho May 1 to 10
Illinois May 1 to 10
Indiana May 5 to 23
Iowa May 1 to 10
Kansas May 1 to 10
Kentucky May 1 to 19
Louisiana May 1 to 23
Maine May 10 to 14
Maryland May 4 to 23
Massachusetts May 1 to 14
Michigan May 3 to 21
Minnesota May 4 to 13
Mississippi May 4 to 21
Missouri May 1 to 22
Montana May 2 to 6
Nebraska May 1 to 5
Nevada May 1 to 10
New Hampshire May 5
New Jersey May 1 to 5
New Mexico May 1 to 20
New York May 1 to 9
North Carolina May 3 to 21
North Dakota May 1
Ohio May 2 to 20
Oklahoma May 1 to 10
Oregon May 1 to 9
Pennsylvania May 3 to 14
Puerto Rico May 4 to 22
Rhode Island May 1
South Carolina May 1 to 10
South Dakota May 10
Tennessee May 1 to 20
Texas May 1 to 28
Utah May 5, 11 and 15
Vermont May 1
Virginia May 1 to 7
Virgin Islands May 1
Washington May 1 to 20
West Virginia May 1 to 9
Wisconsin May 1 to 15
Wyoming May 1 to 4
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