Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited-TASMAC History, Share Price & News Update

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After the Lockdown, the Tamil Nadu High Court introduced Elite TASMAC, a new scheme to distribute liquor online to maintain social distance between the public.

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited

TASMAC- Introduction: This article discusses Tamil Nadu liquor online booking, TASMAC Online booking and home delivery of liquor, the TASMAC mobile app, and the Elite TASMAC price list.

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited is the full name of TASMAC. On May 23, 1983, it was incorporated under the Companies Act, of 1956, and is owned by the Tamil Nadu government and Chennai. This comes with the exclusive right to supply IMFL at wholesale prices to everyone in Tamil Nadu.

Online Reservations in Tamil Nadu

Following the Lockdown, the Indian government allowed the wine shops to reopen at specific times. The Madras High Court granted permission to sell liquor over the internet. People can now book liquor online from the comfort of their homes by downloading the TASMAC mobile App.

What is the significance of the TASMAC Elite Online app?

Elite TASMAC app is one of IMFL’s leading wholesale and retail liquor suppliers, providing more liquor options by importing more alcohol brands into Tamil Nadu.

Make a reservation through the Elite TASMAC website or online portal link to have liquor delivered to your home in Tamil Nadu. 

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People can also use the Swiggy and Zomato apps to deliver liquor to their homes. Choose the wine shops that have opened nearby and the liquor brand you want to buy in Chennai.

Profit market of TASMAC

The Tamil Nadu government earned 36,013.14 crores in revenue from the sale of liquor in 2021-22, a 2,201.99 crore increase over the previous year. The revenue of the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) in 2020-21 was 33,811.15 crore.

Ravi*, a TASMAC employee from an outlet in Chennai’s Nungambakkam area, told TNM that there is little sympathy for their rights because they are perceived to promote alcoholism. “When we ask for labor rights, we are doing so as government employees.”

TASMAC Online 

Following the High Court’s approval to sell alcohol online, the Tamil Nadu government launched the TASMAC online app and website to ensure social distancing and alleviate overcrowding at wine shops. TASMAC online resembles food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy.

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TASMAC Mobile Application

The TASMAC app is now available for download from the Google Play store. Install the TASMAC app and sign up by providing personal information such as your phone number, address, etc. The Elite TASMAC online app allows us to order liquor online easily. Another app, HITBAR, is available in the Google Play store to make online liquor reservations.