Shivalinga Utapatti: Know how Shivalinga originate, secrets of lord Shiva

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Devotees call Lord Shiva by many names including Shivshankar, Trilokesh, Kapali, Nataraja. The glory of Lord Shiva is limitless. In Hindu religion, there is a tradition of worshiping both the idol of Lord Shiva and Shivalinga.

It is said that any devotee who worships Lord Shiva with true devotion, his every wish is fulfilled. The importance of Shivalinga has been mentioned in religious scriptures. Shivlinga is considered the symbol of this universe.

How did Shivalinga originate?

According to the mythology, after the creation of the universe, there was a war between Lord Vishnu and Brahmaji. Both were trying to prove themselves to be the most powerful. During this time, a shining stone appeared in the sky and a voice from the sky said that whoever finds the end of this stone will be considered more powerful.

It is believed that that stone was Shivalinga. To find the end of the stone, Lord Vishnu went down and Lord Brahma went up but neither of them found the end. Then Lord Vishnu himself accepted defeat. But Brahma ji thought that if I also accept defeat, then Vishnu will be considered more powerful.

Brahmaji said that he has found the end of the stone. Meanwhile, again a voice came from the sky that I am Shivalinga and I have neither end nor beginning and at the same time, Lord Shiva appeared.

Meaning of Shivalinga

Shivlinga is made of two words. Shiva and Linga, where Shiva means welfare and Linga means creation. There are two types of Shivling, first is Jyotirling and second is Parad Shivling. Jyotirlinga is considered the symbol of this entire universe.

There are many stories prevalent regarding the origin of Jyotirlinga. It is said that Shivalinga was created from mind, mind, Brahma, Maya, soul, intellect, sky, air, fire, water and earth.

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