SEO Guidelines for News Content in India for Editorial Which Can Boost Organic Traffic in Few Days

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SEO content guidelines

SEO Guidelines is important factor for every content based websites to drive website in digital industry, SEO guidelines help us to boost in keyword ranking in SERP and increase the traffic from Search Engine Like Google, Bing & Yahoo. To bring up keyword position in search result implement the seo changes on tech level as per google guidelines. Apart from technical changes SEO content guidelines is important to beat the competition in Search results.

Basically in News Industry Editor work with big team editorial personal and produces the content for real time trends which is happening across the world. In same day content is publishing with huge number of articles by News Publisher but not getting traction those stories which is created by teams. but not get good results from the search engines and some times effort goes waste of those content who break the news content first, Then SEO recommends their Inputs as per news article to boost the keyword ranking in SERP.

Shared the SEO Guidelines which you can share with your Edit Team. try to follow these guidelines to improve the real time organic traffic.

Headline or Title:

A catchy headline and targeted keyword must be used in start.

Meta title & Description:

 Keywords must be present in the meta title and description of the article.

Lead / Summary:

The first paragraph of the story. Detailed preview of the story including basic facts. It should include the major keyword and its variants.

Remember this:

  • Article content should be lengthy.
  • Include keywords in all the sub heading tags.
  • Synonyms of keywords must be used in the body content.
  • Updating Content regularly in Important for search engines and readers (as per story if required)
  • Match Search Intent-Make sure that the Heading (Meta Title) and related Keywords used completely match the content you have written.
  • Keep a simple URL structure and it should not be too long.
  • Placed insert long tail keywords to fetch high visibility with keywords variations.
  • Placed alt attribute (ALT) descriptive with proper keywords for an image.
  • The first 100 words (paragraph) should include important keywords and their variants.
  • Make use of keywords and their variants inside the body content.
  • Tabular data format should be used wherever required.
  • Use Name, location, event name in tags only and use tags in short not should be lengthy.
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