Seattle Seahawks Part Ways with Coach Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks Part Ways with Coach Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks Part Ways with Coach Pete Carroll: Sources say that Pete Carroll, who is 72 years old, is no longer the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. This is a shocking change.

Seattle Seahawks Part Ways with Coach Pete Carroll

The shocking news is that Pete Carroll’s time as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks is over. He was 72 years old. Even though he said more than once this week that he meant to stay in the job until the 2024 season, the team is now working out the terms of his departure.

A person who knows a lot about the NFL made the news on Twitter: “Bombshell: Pete Carroll is out as #Seahawks coach, per sources.” Carroll said earlier this week that he planned to stay on as coach of the Seahawks for the next season, so this move came as a surprise.

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According to sources, Carroll’s leaving the company is not a full exit. He isn’t the head coach anymore, but he might take on a different job with the team, maybe in the front office.

The choice was made three days after the Seahawks’ last game of the season, when Carroll didn’t hold his normal press conference to end the season. The move comes after a tough season for the Seahawks, who went 1-5 in their division. This showed that coaching is hard, especially when compared to rivals like Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan.

People are wondering about the Seahawks’ teaching staff now that Carroll has left. This has been pointed out as a possible problem for their performance. To make a long playoff run, the younger, better team needs more than just new players. Carroll’s expertise could be put to use in a job off the field, so the team can gain from it without him having to make decisions during the game.

Since the Seahawks have to deal with a sudden change in coaches, the attention now turns to who will lead the team into the 2024 season.

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