Planalto wing resists Dino choice for STF

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A wing of the Planalto still resists the idea of ​​minister Flávio Dino (Justice) being chosen for Rosa Weber’s vacancy in the STF (Supreme Federal Court). He is named by allies of President Lula ( PT ) as a favorite in the dispute. Some PT members, including minister Alexandre Padilha (Institutional Relations) and the government leader in the Senate, Jaques Wagner (BA), defend that the president nominates the Union’s attorney general, Jorge Messias, to the court .

Listed for the STF, Flávio Dino talks to Lula during an event in Brasília – Pedro Ladeira-16.ago.23/Folhapress Padilha and Wagner are friends of Lula and are part of the president’s club of advisors for decisions like this. Messias has already held other positions in PT governments, such as deputy chief for Legal Affairs of the Presidency in the Dilma Rousseff government . Afterwards, he worked in Wagner’s office in the Senate and became a kind of interlocutor for the PT with congressmen and members of the Judiciary.

This connection with the PT has been used by Messias supporters to convince Lula to choose the current AGU minister to occupy Rosa’s seat on the STF, who will turn 75 on October 2 and will compulsorily leave the court. ADVERTISING Furthermore, they argue that the Union’s attorney general stood by Dilma’s side in the worst moments, including impeachment, and ended up suffering the consequences of the Lava Jato investigations .

The minister’s name appeared in the audio leak authorized by former judge Sergio Moro of a conversation between Lula and Dilma. The former president referred to him as “Bessias”, as he ended up becoming known in 2016. Since then, people close to him say, the minister has suffered personal and professional consequences. For these interlocutors, taking him to the STF would also be a way of rewarding him and getting back at Lava Jato. Members of the PT leadership, however, do not believe that this party issue will be decisive in the choice to be made by Lula.

The assessment is that the trajectory in the Judiciary and the correlation of forces in the STF will have more weight in the nomination. The list of main candidates also includes Bruno Dantas , president of the TCU (Federal Audit Court). He has a strong entry into the political class and has the support of the president of the CCJ (Constitution and Justice Commission) of the Senate, Davi Alcolumbre.

Dino is cited as a candidate with more legal experience than Messias. The Minister of Justice had a career in the judiciary, becoming president of the National Association of Federal Judges and a member of the National Council of Justice. He then entered politics, was governor of Maranhão and was elected senator last year by the PSB. Supporters of Dino’s appointment to the STF also say that he will reinforce the wing of the court formed by the dean, Gilmar Mendes , and Alexandre de Moraes .

According to them, this wing was missing with the retirement of Ricardo Lewandowski . The three — Gilmar, Moraes and Lewandowski — were together at a barbecue at Palácio da Alvorada in May, promoted by Lula and members of the government’s top echelon. The strengthening of this group is also cited as a possible negative factor in the nomination.

Instead of supporting the strength of these two magistrates, Lula could create a duo in the Supreme Court formed by Cristiano Zanin and Messias, who would be more aligned with the interests of the PT member, like Kassio Nunes Marques and André Mendonça, who are linked to the former president Jair Bolsonaro

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