Parliament Security Breach: Delhi Police registered case under UAPA, 8 Security Guard Suspend

Delhi Police registered case under UAPA

Parliament Security Breach: After the huge security breach on Wednesday,13th December, eight Lok Sabha security guard has been suspended over the major security breach that happened inside the Parliament yesterday when two people jumped from the visitor’s gallery and entered the Lok Sabha.

The names who got suspended after the parliament security breach are Rampal, Arvind, Vir Das, Ganesh, Anil, Pradeep, Vimitt, and Narendra.

The two infiltrators jumped into the Lok Sabha chambers yesterday and blew up the two canisters releasing yellow smoke while one of them jumped over the tables to run in the direction of the Speaker’s chair. While outside the parliament, two others also blow up the same red and yellow-colored smoke canister and then yell the slogans against dictatorship. But the two intruders who were inside the parliament were caught by MPs who surrounded them after the chaos started in the Lok Sabha. As we have seen in a video, the four MPs were seen lashing down the blows on one of the intruders. One leader also pulls the intruder by the hair while others continue to beat him.

As of now the four intruders have been arrested and identified their names are Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Neelam Azad, and Amol Shinde. They have been caught under the anti-terror law, the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), and sections of the Indian Penal Code. And other accused, whose name is Lalit Jha reportedly shot the videos of Neelam and Shinde who were using the smoke canisters outside Parliament and then ran away with their phones, Vicky Sharma’s Gurgaon house was where all the accused stayed.

The Delhi Police said that these four people come from different states and met each other many times in the last eighteen months to plan the parliament breach. And all four had connected on a social media page whose name is ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club’. This major security breach was held on the same day when we observed the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament terror attack in the year 2001.