Pakistani Couple in Italy Sentenced to Prison for Daughter’s Murder

Pakistani Couple in Italy Sentenced to Prison

Pakistani Couple in Italy Sentenced to Prison: An Italian court gave a Pakistani couple life in jail on Tuesday for killing their daughter in 2021 because she refused to marry someone they had set up.

Saman Abbas, who was 18, was living in Novellara, near Bologna, when she went missing in May 2021. The previous year, she had turned down her family’s request that she marry a cousin in Pakistan.

Pakistani Couple in Italy Sentenced to Prison for Daughter’s Murder

A court in Reggio Emilia, Italy, said that the parents ordered the killing and that the niece’s uncle killed her.

After taking a plea deal, the uncle got 14 years in prison, but two cousins were found not guilty in an affair that shocked the country.

Because Abbas told the cops about her parents, she was put in a shelter in November 2020.

But in April 2021, she went to see her family to get her passport so she could start a new life with her boyfriend, which her family didn’t like.

Soon after, she vanished. In May, the boyfriend called the police, who raided the family home, but the parents had already left for Pakistan.

Five people were seen leaving the family home with shovels, crowbars, and buckets on security camera video from April 30 to May 1. They returned two and a half hours later. This suggests that the young woman was probably killed that night.

After a year, Abbas’s broken-neck body was found in an empty barn.

Police were told by her brother that he had heard his father talking about the murder and that his uncle had killed his sister.

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Shabbar Abbas, the father, was caught in Pakistan and sent back to Italy in August 2023.

Hasnain, the uncle from Denmark, was turned over to French police, while the cousins were arrested in Spain.

The four guys were at the trial, but Nazia Shaheen, the mother, is still on the run.

These traditions say that if a woman’s male family members see her with a man who is not connected to her, they should kill the woman first and then go after the man.

Human rights groups say that “honor killings” happen most often when the victim refuses to marry someone who was forced to marry them or has been raped or sexually attacked.

But people can be killed for less important reasons, like dressing in a way that is seen as wrong or acting in a way that is seen as disrespectful.

This is how a lot of women are killed every year in Pakistan. A much smaller number of guys are also killed in these situations.

Tribal leaders told an 18-year-old woman in the remote Kohistan district’s father and uncle to kill her because of a picture of her with a guy. They did so last month.

It was later found that the picture that went popular had been changed. Her father was caught, but her uncle is still on the run.

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