Outrageous Pricing Of McDonald’s: $7.29 Egg McMuffin Leaves Customer Stunned!

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Users have called McDonald’s bill showing an Egg McMuffin costing $7.29 “outrageous.”


Outrageous Pricing Of McDonald’s: Users have called McDonald’s bill showing an Egg McMuffin costing $7.29 “outrageous.” The Bespoke Investment Group’s account, Bespoke, posted a picture of a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin bill on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday morning. Newsweek contacted McDonald’s for a comment by email on Tuesday morning. These were two for $2 pretty recently.

The bill lists two Egg McMuffins for $14.58 and one Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle without two half-strips of bacon for $7.19, bringing the total to $23.37, including a $1.60 tax.

It is generally more expensive at rest stops, despite McDonald’s products tasting the same across the country. British marketing executive Sacha Fournier created the McCheapest.com website to track Big Mac prices across the country. The website reveals that the cheapest Big Mac is located in Stigler.

On January 27, 2024, it was paid at McDonald’s in Fairfield, near exits 21 and 22 on Interstate 95, at 7:29 a.m.

Several users accused Bespoke of making several rookie mistakes, including buying at a rest stop, in their comments on the post, which has received more than 1.8 million views. Another stated that the prices at the Fairfield restaurant are indeed outrageous, agreeing with Bespoke.

In a rest area on I-95, there should be a higher price, but it’s way too high,” wrote another. In a Connecticut rest area, he paid $19.00 for a Big Mac, fries, and Coke just yesterday.

Since franchisees own and operate McDonald’s restaurants, prices can vary based on wages, rent, interest rates, car prices, gas prices, and transportation costs in each state.

In July, a Connecticut rest stop’s Big Mac combo dish and soft drink went viral on X.

I was at a rest stop, but these McDonald’s prices are insane!” said Sam Learner on July 18, 2023.

In Darien, the average household income is $424,355, while the median household income is $250,001 per year, according to Point2Homes. The median household income in Fairfield is $142,346 annually, while the average household income in Fairfield is $209,851. Connecticut has a minimum wage of $15.65 per hour.

According to the website Mc-Menu, the Egg McMuffin costs on average $4.12 nationwide and $4.29 in Connecticut.