OTT Platforms in India: Definition, Service, Benefits & Marketing

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OVER THE TOP (OTT) is a digital media service offered by the Internet to its viewers in audio and video Formats.

OTT Platforms in India

OTT Platforms-Introduction: OTT services are accessed through different types of media devices such as mobile, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and television.

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) declared that over-the-top Platforms are about programming independent facilities accessed through the Internet in 2011. OTT media services are very similar to So VD services altogether known as Subscription Based Video on Demand Services.

OTT platforms provide services to the users directly through the internet without any need for satellite and broadcast so several users of OTT platforms is increasing day by day. 

How does OTT Work? 

OTT works with the help of the Content Delivery Network (CDN). A server is a place where OTT platforms upload any media which can be of any genre and type and people or users visit their OTT Network platforms and watch the uploaded media or services.

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With the help of CDN, OTT platforms set up their different servers in different countries for users to enjoy the services offered.

CDN works on different characteristics of OTT Network Platforms such as if there are any problems with uploading on the particular area server the place where media is uploaded only gets affected than the whole area where media is being used. 

OTT platforms tie up with Internet Service Providers to deliver their content directly from the Internet to their server without any interpretation and latency

How do OTT platforms make money? 

OTT Media Platforms earn through their users’ advertisements and subscriptions to their services. 

Top Famous OTT Platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar HBO Now, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Zee Cinema, VIU, etc platforms came on the list.

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How do OTT Platforms have so much Content? 

OTT Platforms buy rights to television shows and movies through different Show and Cinema Production Industries. Also, they collaborated with these industries to make their s and films and upload them to their platforms to gain reach and views. 

Advantages of Using OTT Platforms 

  • Users can watch media anytime on OTT Platforms 
  • Watch Video Content According to Your Needs 
  • Content Without OTT Advertisements 
  • Content Can be Watched Again & Again
  • Contents can be watched on any devices 
  • Can watch anyplace 
  • Content can be downloaded to watch later from OTT media 

Future of OTT Platforms 

Due to the number of viewers increasing day by day on OTT platforms, many movies and shows are directly released on these platforms after the pandemic it shows great responses and traffic of users are seen on OTT Platforms which states how people are getting reliable on OTT networks for their watch time. 

OTT Platforms Net Worth 

Over The Top, Platforms have revenue of INR 2,200+ crores in 2022 

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  • Future of OTT Platforms 
  • OTT Platforms Net Worth 
  • Advantages of Using OTT Platforms 
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