Open AI Introduces Voice Support for Chat GPT into Mobile App

open ai

Every user is now able to engage in voice-based interactions with chatGPT at no extra cost. Find out how this can affect how you do things related to content and SEO.

open ai

  • The availability of voice feature on chat gpt marks great strides in accessibility and inclusion among AI innovations and technology.
  • It opens up new possibilities of brand marketeers and seo specialists to develop voice-optimiszed approach.
  • Having this voice function maximizes user experience and ease of use, setting a new normal for AI-human interaction.

OpenAI stated that the ChatGPT app had added the voice feature for all free users while it suspends subscription and upgrade of plus subscribers.

It would be beneficial to content and search marketers as they seek to develop interactive content and optimization to voice search.

This is in respect to prior experience where only premium subscribers enjoyed voice interaction with chatGPT.

Nevertheless, the recent update has made possible for users to interact with the AI using their own voices and only requires app’s download as well as pressing on the headphones icon.

An interesting point to note is the voice feature which will likely be an avenue for improving user engagement on the one hand in the context of making it much feel real and at ease with interacting with AI.

It also guarantees that people who would rather prefer voice commands than typing should find AI interaction easy.

This may prove especially useful in creating voice-optimized content and strategies.

This capability may help content marketers improve customer experience by producing more interactive and personalized campaigns in the future.

To search marketers, the update offers fresh ways of looking into voice search optimization. They are currently experimenting with voice commands as a way of improving the search engine strategy within brands.

Similarly, there will be fascinating things to observe regarding what will emerge in ChatGPT’s features and GPT development.