Online Scam: History and Evolution of Fraud, Internet fraud 

Online Scam

Introduction of Online Scam: Online Scams can be considered in many ways. Some of the popular techniques the scammer uses are Social Media ADs, SMS, technical support product sales, and many others. 

Different Categories of Online Scam 

  • People who do online fraud use less known information about their products and services in case they send links to the user’s mobile by adding information. Please fill in the information, it is urgent from your bank if you do not follow the process your bank account may get seized. After reading such information the user panic and he/she directly visits the link and platform where some kind of pop-up appears on the screen which says to fill in the details and ideas was a way to secure their account, people fill in their details and this is all seen by the scammer who keeps sending the fake messages and when he/she finds that you’ve fallen in their trap by fallen your result. They just make a conclusion page appear on your screen which you’ll find after you put your details to their servers, which says Thank You Your Account is Now Secure, and the user closes the tabs and browser in the thought that his / her account is now safe. Within 15 to 30 minutes the scammers withdraw all their money which is possible with the help of his/her team. When a user gets to know after a message from their bank that some amount of money is withdrawn from their account, they start blaming and fighting with the bank that they created such a problem. But the actual problem is his/her lack of vigilance and safety. 

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  • Nowadays no bank is responsible for any kind of online fraud because of the lack of user concentration and the issue that they trusted anyone or any website without even informing or talking with their bank customer care services. Every bank has such a setup where customer services are available for more than 12 hours for users’ doubts and concerns. 
  • Online Scammers scam people by showing different ads and telling them to buy the product in advance he/she never talks about their business and websites they will ask you to message them privately in their dm and after you do pay the screenshot they send you about that your product is going for packaging is also Fake, it is a trick scammer uses to make people fool. 
  • Also, the Lottery is another trick scammers use to cheat people.

How to avoid online scams?

  • If you find that a Scam may happen to you and the scammer does this with the help of your smartphone or laptop you should move, copy, or note down your important files somewhere else and reset your device. This process will clear all the history and delete all the malware, third party, and other apps and your phone will become as default as when you bought it. 
  • Another method is to visit the police directly and ask for cybersecurity help. Their cybersecurity team will scan your device and if a scammer has started gathering your information, they can fix it by performing some technical terms. 
  • Also, you should avoid phone calls from scammers and do not reply to their messages, just block them, or if they are doing the same by changing numbers, visit the police station nearby, and they will take care of this. 

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