New Study Shows How SEO Has Evolved in 2024

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seo evolution 2024

SEO is the process that helps improve the website visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and more. The primary objective of SEO is to help attract visitors who could become clients or customers. The study explores the changes in user behavior and advancements in technology.

Google Search

In 2024, Google still influence the SEO industry heavily and the push for expert-driven content has shaken up the world of SEO. The study suggests that the business would likely expect a higher demand for subject matter experts, in-depth research and original content prioritized across websites.

Agencies already enforce SEO best practices, but more attention should be given to content quality as well as service and product description. However, expert’s opinion varies when it comes to Google’s initiative to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping and improve product information.

According to some, this is a direct challenge to Amazon in discovery space and product search, whereas others look at it as a separate approach that does not aim at replicating the marketplace model of the rivals, so businesses should consider this when drafting service and product description for online stores to rank high on Google.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Although there has been a shift towards expert content coaxed by negative impressions of generative AI, Google’s Search Generation Engine (SGE) insights are still expected to be influenced.

With the inclusion of AI, the search will become more precise, personalised and fast, which means that the websites will be required to learn AI-friendly optimization.

Seeing an increase in the use of generative AI tools like Bing Chat, Google Bard and ChatGPT to look for information could affect SEO strategies as well.

Enhancing the user Authenticity and experience

Generative AI is a valuable tool for content creation, however, it’s a tool that helps necessitate human management, so the key to maximizing the impact of AI is to balance and enhance, and not replace the human effect.

So it’s important for modern SEO to develop user-friendly websites that have an easy-to-use interface, are visually appealing and have rich content. This not only enhances the user experience but also focuses on robust SEO performance.

Ranking and Branding

In 2024, SEO strategies are required to prioritize branded search queries that reflect the importance of ranking factors. Backlinks are often used in ranking strategies to direct users to specific websites, however, there is a shift in prioritizing quality over quantity, as Google would reward expert content, so the business would be required to have quality content so that it ranks high on SERPs.

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