National Black Literacy Day 2024: History and Significance

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Every year on February 14, we commemorate National Black Literacy Day. You can support literacy initiatives in your community if you would like to take part in the event on February 14.

National Black Literacy Day

National Black Literacy Day 2024: Every year on February 14, we commemorate National Black Literacy Day. You can support literacy initiatives in your community if you would like to take part in the event on February 14. Donate money to an organization that is a member of the Chicago Literacy Alliance, provide your time to a literacy or mentorship program at your neighborhood YMCA, or contribute to Semicolon’s #ClearTheShelves initiative. Additionally, remember to read aloud to a child in your life for a considerable amount of time to assist them in discovering the joys of reading.

National Black Literacy Day History

The first black woman-owned bookshop in Chicago opened its doors in the summer of 2019. Over the years, Semicolon has served as both a gallery and a vibrant, dynamic center of the arts. The Semicolon’s owner, D.L. Mullen, has been searching for fresh and creative methods to give back to her neighborhood. Through the distribution of free books at an event in May, she established a campaign called #ClearTheShelves, which aims to encourage a lifelong love of reading among Chicago youngsters.

Mullen has pushed for a national holiday to honor these initiatives and support readers in low-literacy regions. She carefully considered her options for Valentine’s Day, hoping that others would feel the same way. It is also, in many respects, the centerpiece of Black History Month, occurring on the day of American abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ birthday. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago has endorsed her, issuing an official proclamation in her favor.

Before Mullen could request the mayor’s office, she needed permission for the holiday to be mentioned. Mullen might file a request with the mayor’s office once the holiday is announced. Although the governor and the mayor can both proclaim a holiday, Illinois would need to take legislative action to formally recognize it as such.

Actions For National Black Literacy Day

Get a book written by a black author.

One way to observe National Black Literacy Day is to read a book by a black author. Choose from any genre—fiction or nonfiction—written by a black author who has published a book in that category.

Encourage black-owned bookshops.

A bookshop is more than simply a location to read books to a voracious reader; to them, it’s a magical environment that fosters unbounded creativity and opportunities. Seek out a local bookstore to help out and show your support for them right now.

Give books as gifts.

Donations of books and resources to organizations that promote reading are welcome. You may help support black literacy organizations by doing this.

5 Interesting Literacy Facts

  • Life-changing knowledge can significantly alter a person’s course in life.
  • Pupils who are proficient readers by the third-grade graduate from high school at an 89% rate.
  • In communities of color, reading revolutionary literature is a revolutionary act.
  • By using literacy, it encourages people to cultivate a love of community in the hearts of readers.
  • If they are not caught up by the time they are nine years old, seventy-five percent of kids will struggle to read for the rest of their lives.

The reasons we adore National Black Literacy Day

We are aware of financial literacy.

Higher-educated citizens have a greater understanding of basic economic principles and financial investments. Literacy facilitates understanding ideas that seem harder when we don’t understand them.

It contributes to reducing poverty.

Being literate is a great way to reduce poverty. Lack of foundational knowledge in reading and writing is a huge disadvantage. Being able to read and write enhances one’s life and provides opportunities to pick up new talents that will help them provide for their families and themselves.

It affects society.

Literacy aids in the development of the entire society. When literacy rates rise, both sexes can make contributions to the community and economy.


Year Date Day
2024 February 14 Wednesday
2025 February 14 Friday
2026 February 14 Saturday
2027 February 14 Sunday
2028 February 14 Monday
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