MP CM Reacts to Factory Blast, Orders Transfers

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Two people who were arrested in connection with the event were sent to jail under judicial custody by a court in Harda. One of them was the owner of the factory.

MP CM Reacts to Factory Blast

MP CM Reacts to Factory Blast: According to Mohan Yadav, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, those responsible for the tragedy at the firecracker factory in Harda two days ago, will face harsh punishment from his government. Eleven people died in the blast and following fire.

The superintendent of police (SP) and the district collector have been moved.

Two people who were arrested in connection with the event were sent to jail under judicial custody by a court in Harda. One of them was the owner of the factory.

MP CM Reacts to Factory Blast, Orders Transfers

The court has sent another owner of the building to be held by cops.

”The state government will take solid measures to prevent similar incidents and ensure culprits responsible for the tragedy get such exemplary punishment,” Yadav told reporters in Harda town on Wednesday after meeting with the injured.

He met the hurt people getting care at a hospital in Harda, which is about 150 km from Bhopal, the state capital, and asked how they were doing.

”I met (in Harda) those who were injured in Tuesday’s incident. I have already met a majority of victims in Bhopal (where some of the wounded were taken for treatment). But, I personally felt I must visit Harda. I also paid a visit to one or two familes (of the deceased) and offered condolences,” Yadav said.

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”The government will not only take solid measures, but also take such stern action (against those responsible) that people will remember,” the chief minister stated.

Ten people died and more than 200 were hurt when an explosion and fire broke out at the firecracker plant in Harda town on Tuesday. The MP government has set up a three-person group led by Principal Secretary (Home) Sanjay Dubey to look into the matter in more depth.

On Wednesday, the state government moved Harda collector Rishi Garg and Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Kanchan to different jobs.

And Kanchan has been moved to the state police offices in Bhopal as assistant inspector general. Garg has been made a deputy secretary.

Officials said on Wednesday that two people were missing and more than 100 people were getting medical care at different hospitals in Madhya Pradesh.

A police officer named BS Maurya, who was working at the Harda district hospital on Wednesday morning, said that he has a list of 217 people, 11 of whom have died.

Seventy of the hurt people were taken to the local hospital. He said that 51 of them were factory workers and 22 were people who lived near the explosion spot.

Maurya said that 38 hurt people were sent to other places to get treatment, and 95 were sent home.

He also said that two people are reported missing.

On Wednesday, Divisional Commissioner (Narmadapuram) Pawan Sharma told reporters at the blast site that the first part of the rescue effort was over.

The police nabbed three people, two of whom owned the factory. They were charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder and other crimes.

The people who were caught were taken to a chief judicial magistrate court, which put two of them in jail under judicial custody. These were Rajesh Agrawal (one of the owners) and Rafiq Patel (said to be the manager of the factory). Somesh Agrawal, who was also the owner of the unit, was being held by cops.

Police said they didn’t know what caused the blast yet.

The Congress party said the Madhya Pradesh government was hiding its “crime” by not saying how many people had died in the tragedy and called for a Special Investigation Team to look into it.

”The actual number of casualties exceeds the official figures. It’s a conspiracy by the government to hide the actual number of fatalities. There are several bodies,” alleged Madhya Pradesh Congress president Jitu Patwari.

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