Motilal Nehru Biography: History, Education, Death, Religion & Personal Life

Motilal Nehru Biography & History

Motilal Nehru Early Life and Biography: On May 6, 1861, Motilal Nehru was born in Agra, British India. Gangadhar, his father, served as Delhi’s top cop. He passed away before having a son. The name of his mother was Jeevarani. He had a large family of siblings. He received his education at the University of Cambridge and the Muir Central College in Allahabad.

Even though he had belonged to high society, he was by himself towards the end of his life. In his later years, he experienced financial struggles. He allegedly has a close friendship with Nadira, an actress. He was a meticulous gentleman who thoroughly enjoyed racing and gambling, yet he passed away in 1965 without money.

Motilal Nehru Career  

Nehru began practicing law in Kanpur in 1883. He continued his work in Allahabad three years later. With numerous clientele who hailed from wealthy families, he achieved great success. He frequently traveled to Europe and served on the British Privy Council.

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Nehru entered politics after joining the Congress Party. Mahatma Gandhi had an impact on him, and he simplified his lifestyle. He presided over the Amritsar Congress Party as its president in 1919. He established The Independent, a radical publication, the same year.

He was detained by the British in 1921, and he was imprisoned for six months. He participated in the creation of the Swaraj Party in 1923.

He served in both the Central Legislative Assembly of British India and the Legislative Council of the United Provinces.

He presided over the Congress Party in Calcutta in 1928. He wrote the Nehru Report in the same year. It was a constitution designed to give India more autonomy within the boundaries of the British Empire.

The Muslims in India, the British, and those who favored total independence all rejected it. He participated in civil disobedience in 1930 as a part of Gandhi’s Salt March. Due to his deteriorating health, he was shortly released.

Motilal Personal Life

Nehru began providing for his extended family, which included many of his nieces and nephews, at a young age. His first wife passed away while she was in labor. Swaruprani Thussu, a lady, served as his second wife.

Three kids were born to him and her. Jawaharlal Nehru, his son, was elected as India’s first prime minister.

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Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, his elder daughter, was a diplomat who presided over the U. N. General Assembly. Krishna Hutheesing, his younger daughter, was a writer.

The most influential political dynasty in India, the Nehru-Gandhi family, was led by Nehru as patriarch. His offspring continue to hold influential positions in the Indian government.