Monmouthshire Farm Delivers a Unique Blend of Residential and Land Rental Income

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A picturesque view of the Monmouthshire farm

Monmouthshire, a picturesque region located at the gateway to Wales, is set to witness an exciting opportunity for investors and land enthusiasts. Duffryn Farm, situated in Llanvapley, Abergavenny, boasts 173 acres of prime land, presenting an enticing blend of arable potential and residential income streams. In this in-depth article, we explore the features and prospects of this unique property.

A Rich Tapestry of Land

Duffryn Farm predominantly comprises 173 acres of Grade 2 arable land, gently undulating and well-suited for the cultivation of maize and cereals. Historically, it has also hosted successful potato crops, showcasing its agricultural versatility. This fertile ground is complemented by pockets of permanent pasture, predominantly surrounding the substantial six-bedroom traditional farmhouse.

A Tenancy Arrangement

A significant portion of the land at Duffryn Farm is presently leased through a farm business tenancy (FBT) to a local dairy farmer, with the agreement extending until September 30, 2024. This existing arrangement adds a layer of stability to the property’s income potential.

Infrastructure and Possibilities

The property boasts a range of essential infrastructure, including a spacious cattle shed equipped with feed barriers, a straw and fodder shed, a Dutch barn, and a grain store, all accompanied by a cluster of traditional farm buildings. This diversity in structures opens up a world of possibilities for diverse uses.

Ed Fletcher, the selling agent from Powells Rural, recognizes the rarity and potential of this property within Monmouthshire. He asserts, “This sale is a unique opportunity within Monmouthshire, offering significant potential for a range of uses.”

Additional Residences

Beyond the farmhouse, Duffryn Farm includes two additional residences. Duffryn Cottage, situated at the top of the farm’s driveway, is currently leased. Meanwhile, Llanymynach Barn, a high-standard barn conversion at the end of the drive, offers three bedrooms of accommodation.

Favorable Location

Ed Fletcher highlights the strategic location of Monmouthshire as a key factor in the region’s enduring property value. “With Monmouthshire located at the gateway to Wales yet within easy reach of Bristol, London, and the major road and rail networks, values have held firm over the last 12 months,” he affirms. This accessibility to major urban centers ensures the long-term desirability of properties in the area.

A Versatile Investment

The farm and its traditional buildings provide ample scope for expansion, catering to additional accommodation, tourism, and other potential uses. Sporting, timber, and mineral rights are included in the offering, enhancing its appeal to a wide range of investors.

Pricing and Offer

Powells Rural is inviting offers in the region of £4.4 million for the entire farm. This comprehensive package encompasses not only the fertile land and structures but also the prospect of a secure income stream from residential rentals and potential for diversified uses.

Back on the Market – East Sussex

In other agricultural news, Watsons has recently relaunched High House Farm, a 40-acre grassland holding located in Ninfield, just north of Bexhill in East Sussex. This property includes a three-bedroom house, subject to an agricultural occupancy condition, and in need of refurbishment. The farm also features a range of buildings that require attention, along with a small area of woodland.

The guide price for High House Farm starts at £850,000, and there is a 50% overage clause in place for 10 years, applicable to any development value except for agriculture, horticulture, equestrian, or forestry purposes.

Wiltshire Water Meadows

In yet another intriguing offering, approximately 55 acres of water meadows near Wylye in Wiltshire have recently become available for sale. These meadows have been leased for cattle and sheep grazing for several years, and the current owners are now seeking to invest elsewhere.

Fisherton Water Meadows is a self-contained block of Grade 3 permanent pasture located in the picturesque Wylye Valley. It has a proven track record of producing robust grass leys and clovers, making it an attractive prospect for livestock grazing.

The property features mature trees and hedges, river frontage, and fishing rights within an area of outstanding natural beauty. With a mains water supply in place and a Countryside Stewardship agreement valid until December 31, 2023, this property offers a secure and sustainable investment opportunity.

The land is now available for purchase through Woolley and Wallis, with a guide price of £440,000. Additionally, there is a development uplift clause of 30%, applicable for 30 years, relating to any residential or commercial development.


Monmouthshire’s Duffryn Farm, East Sussex’s High House Farm, and Wiltshire’s Fisherton Water Meadows represent diverse investment opportunities within the UK’s agricultural landscape. Each property offers unique features and income potential, catering to a variety of investors’ interests and objectives.

As demand for rural properties with income-generating potential continues to rise, these offerings present a timely opportunity for those seeking to invest in the countryside’s enduring appeal.

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