Microsoft’s Bing search shopping filters soon: Reports

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Microsoft Bing, commonly referred to as Bing, is reportedly testing a feature for the shopping search filters in the product overlay within the search results.

The web search engine, owned and operated by Microsoft, offers a mini window for online shoppers.

If things go well and according to plans, Bing search filters in the product will overlay within the search results that means when a user hover his mouse over a product and the overlay window will comes up. The user doesn’t need to click and open another window. A overlay will appear the moment the user will put the cursor.

So, shoping operation will be an additional feature for the Bing users. It will show some shopping filters to narrow down the products.

A SEO Analyst – Khush Bherwani – (@b4k_khushal) claimed the development. He posted a video in which he showed how Bing’s new feature for online shoppers works.

However, no official confirmation from Microsoft comes so far.


Bing Search Product Overlay Filters

Here is the video here-

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