Microsoft Bing Launches Webmaster Tools Android App- On Google Play Store

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Webmaster Tools Android App
Webmaster Tools Android App
Microsoft Bing Launches Webmaster Tools Android App

Webmaster Tools Android App: This month Microsoft has announced an app called Bing Webmaster Tools for the android mobile phones. The Bing Webmaster Tools app will help user to provide a convenient way to monitor their websites on the go easily on their android phones for free. This app will be very helpful for the user who wants all the detailed information of their website easily accessible on their mobile phones.

Webmaster Tools Android App

So to get the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App simply you can download the app from Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools on the Google play store. In the app users will get access to many Bing Webmaster Tools essential features, like site performance monitoring, identifying issues, submitting sitemaps, analyzing keywords and many more features which will help you to provide all the information of your site.

Bing Webmaster Tools Main Features

This Bing Webmaster Tools Android App which will give all the invaluable insights of your website’s SEO performance, monitor all the site search rankings, visitors and crawling details and it will also enables you to identify and address the issues of your website in real-time, such as crawl errors and HTML which can impact your website’s visibility and traffic in the Bing search results. Moreover, the app makes submitting sitemaps and individual URLs which will easily ensure the Bing’s crawlers to know about your content. You can also view your keyword performance and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Bing Webmaster Tool Advantages

Now we will discuss about the advantages which user will get by using the Bing Webmaster tool android app. These are the following advantages.

  • Convenience – In the mobile app you can gain the instant access to your website’s all the statistics anytime, anywhere on your android mobile devices easily without any problem.
  • Timeliness – You will receive all the real time notifications on any critical matters, So that you can respond quickly on the matters.
  • Proactive SEO: It can also detect your potential issues early and enabling you to mitigate your negative impact on your SEO ranking.
  • Enhanced Control: You can manage your website’s SEO directly from your android mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
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