Mahua Moitra appears before Parliamentary Ethics Committee | What are allegations, who are main characters in row?

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TMC MP Mahua Moitra on Thursday appeared before the Ethics Committee of Parliament in the cash for query case. Moitra has denied the allegations of asking questions in Parliament in exchange for money. However, she admitted that she had shared his parliamentary login with businessman Darshan Hiranandani. Amidst all this, sources related to the case have claimed that Mahua’s parliamentary account was logged in about 47 times from Dubai.

1- What is the matter?

This whole matter started with the allegations of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey. Dubey had recently accused TMC’s Mahua Moitra of taking bribe from a businessman to ask questions in Parliament. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla was demanded to form a committee to investigate the allegations against him. In the letter written to Birla, Nishikant Dubey had described a case of serious ‘breach of privilege’ and ‘contempt of the House’.

2- Who are the main characters in the case?

1- Mahua Moitra: TMC MP Moitra has been accused of taking money and gifts from businessman Darshan Hiranandani and asking questions in Parliament.

2- Nishikant Dubey: BJP MP Nishikant has accused Mahua of taking money from a businessman and asking questions in Parliament.

3- Jai Ananth Dehadrai: Dehadrai is former friend of Mahua. On the basis of their complaint, Nishikant has made allegations against Mahua. Dehadrai himself has filed a complaint in CBI accusing Mahua Moitra of ‘asking questions in exchange for money’.

4- Businessman Darshan Hiranandani: Another name in the whole matter is that of Darshan Hiranandani of Hiranandani Group. The business group, which is included in the big industrial houses, has a significant influence in the field of health and energy. Darshan is the next CEO of Hiranandani Group. According to the letter of Advocate Dehadrai, it was Darshan who had given a huge amount to Moitra.

Dubey and Dehadrai have appeared before the Committee. In this matter, Dubey and Dehadrai have appeared before the Ethics Committee of the Parliament. Both have recorded their statements. It is believed that Mahua will be questioned on these allegations.

What are Hiranandani’s allegations?

Real estate businessman Hiranandani has also given an affidavit in this matter. In this, she has claimed that the TMC MP has taken help from her many times for expensive luxury items (handbags etc.), repair of her bungalow in Delhi, travel expenses, holidays and trips to different places in the country and the world. The businessman says that he met Mahua Moitra in the year 2017 at the Bengal Global Business Summit. After this meeting, she became his close friend over the years. Hiranandani also says that he hoped that it would help him in expanding his business in the states where opposition parties are in power.

What did Mahua say?

Mahua is continuously rejecting these allegations. Speaking exclusively to India Today after the cash-for-query controversy broke, Mahua Moitra admitted that she had shared her log-in credentials with her long-time close friend, businessman Darshan Hiranandani. However, he had vehemently denied that its purpose was to earn financial gain. live tv

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