Kamal Nath used to cry saying he did not have money, I say I do have: Shivraj targets Congress

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The poll battle is in full swing in Madhya Pradesh. Both Congress and BJP parties have intensified their attacks against each other. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who reached Mandsaur district to address a BJP rally on Tuesday, attacked his rival Congress leader Kamal Nath, saying the former CM always cried citing having no money.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh addressed the general public in Garoth of Mandsaur. Chouhan reached this meeting late than scheduled. He said in his address, “While coming, I saw a girl who was selling water chestnuts in a cart. A resolution came to my mind that now this girl will not sell water chestnuts on a cart but will run a good shop.” Along with this, the CM compared Congress to hunters.

Chouhan said that we do not run the government, we run the family. He asked people whether he looked like a chief minister or a brother or uncle.

The CM said, “On one side there is a government of our family and for us people sitting on the stage are our family members, whereas in the Congress family, only one has been fighting since 1985. On top is Kamal Nath and on the other Sojatiya ji (Congress candidate from Garoth).”

“Kamal Nath always keeps crying that I don’t have money, uncle emptied the treasury, so why did he become the Chief Minister? Who told you to become the Chief Minister? When we called Kamal Nath a ‘seth’, he felt bad. They used to say that I have no money, the treasury is empty but I say that I have no shortage of money,” he added.

The CM Shivraj said that every sister of mine is an embodiment of a goddess.

“All the women there are in the world. Everything is the form of a goddess. Currently Rs 1,250 are coming into your account under Ladli Behan Yojana. In the coming time, this money will increase to Rs 3,000. He also said that he will try to fulfill the majority demands of Garoth, he added.

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