Joining and Winning the PCH ActNow Campaign Demystified!

Joining and Winning the PCH ActNow Campaign

Joining and Winning the PCH ActNow Campaign: You may know Publishers Clearing House (PCH) as a direct marketing business that runs contests and sweepstakes with prizes. One of PCH’s many marketing campaigns that gives people the chance to win cash prizes is the ActNow campaign. This guide shows you how to start enter code step by step.

Joining and Winning the PCH ActNow Campaign: Figuring out the PCH ActNow campaign

PCH ActNow is a program that tells people who enter sweepstakes to act right away. As part of the campaign, PCH gives people who want to enter promotional mail or emails with an activation code. This code is unique to each person and is used to enter the contest.

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Different Ways to Find Your Activation Code

The activation number will be in a promotional email or letter from PCH. Most of the time, it is a string of five letters or numbers. There is a code in the bottom right corner of the ActNow slip, next to the words “urgent deadline” on the actual mail delivery. You need this code to join the sweepstakes, so make sure you can find it easily.

Taking part in the PCH ActNow contest

To join the contest, do the following once you have your activation code:

  • Look around the site: To find out more about PCH ActNow, go to
    Type in your activation code: On the site, there will be a box where you can type in your code. Kindly enter the coupon code exactly as it appears on the ticket.
  • Give me the code: After you enter the code, click the “Submit Code” button.
  • Getting the Registration Form filled out: You will be taken to a signup form after entering the code. You must fill out this form with correct details.
  • Send in a form of application: Submit the form when you’re done with all the necessary information. This is the end of your PCH contest entry.
    Don’t forget that you have to send in your entry by the date given in the promotional text.