Jagmohan Kaur: Age & Photos, Profile, Biography and Life History

Jagmohan Kaur Profile

Introduction to Jagmohan Kaur: Jagmohan Kaur was a great singer known for her Punjabi language folk singing. She was a teacher, singer, actress as well as a comedian. She was a great personality who had tried different things in her life. Her main genre was folk, duets, and comedy.

She had always maintained the dignity of songs. Her most famous songs are Bapu Ve Add Hunni Ain, Ghara Wajjda, and Gharoli Wajdi. She has done hit movies like Daaj, Mutiyaar, and Dushmani Dee Agg.

The early life of Jagmohan Kaur

Jagmohan Kaur, a great singer was born on 16th April 1948 at Village, Boor Majra in Pathankot, Punjab. Her father was Gurbachan Singh and her mother was Prakash Kaur Kang in Pathankot, Punjab. She was from an average background and had done her primary education at the village school.

She had taught in a school as a teacher. After that, she went into the entertainment industry. She has done many famous movies and also followed her passion for singing.

Death of Jagmohan Kaur

Jagmohan Kaur, a great singer died on 6th December 1997 at the age of 49 in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The career of Jagmohan Kaur

Jagmohan Kaur who was very passionate about singing changed her passion to a profession. She has contributed a lot to the Punjabi Entertainment Industry. She was from a very middle-class family. She had done his studies at Arya Training School, Kharar. She had completed J.B.T. and cracked the exam. Then, she started working as a teacher at Mani Majra.

After some years, she started learning music because of her passion. She had learned music from Kanwar S. Mohinder Singh Bedi. Then she left her job and started singing.

In her singing career, she met K. Deep and fell in love with him. She got married on 2nd February 1971, which was a love marriage. They both worked as a team and had done Punjabi movies which had attained great popularity. They both left a mark as characters of Mohno and Posti. 

She was a well-known singer whose songs are still famous. She has done many movies like Daaj and Mutiyaar.

Some famous songs and movies of Kaur

  • Sukhi Parwar
  • Do Jattiyan
  • Maahi Ve Lai Ke Chhutiyan
  • Sohan da karz bura
  • Baba ve kala Maror
  • Daaj
  • Mutiyaar