Israeli army entered in Hamas stronghold, surrounds Gaza city

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On the 28th day of the Israel-Hamas war, the Israeli Army has claimed that it has surrounded Gaza city from all sides and is now fighting directly with Hamas fighters. IDF spokesperson said- Our soldiers are attacking Hamas command centers, launching positions, tunnels and other targets with weapons and aircraft.

IDF said, “We are in the war to eliminate Hamas. Ceasefire is not even being considered at this time.” According to the Times of Israel, on Thursday the Israeli army killed about 150 Hamas fighters. About 23 IDF soldiers lost their lives in the fighting with Hamas.

Israeli PM Netanyahu said- We have already entered Gaza city. Now no one can stop us. We are trying our best to ensure that Palestinians do not die in the war, but Hamas fighters have entered among them. Tunnels have been made under their houses. In such a situation, it has become necessary to carry out attacks despite the presence of Palestinians in some places.

American drones trying to find hostages in Gaza
According to the Times of Israel, American drones are flying over Gaza city to search for hostages. On the other hand, on Thursday, Israel’s Defense Forces had said that it would allow fuel to reach hospitals in Gaza, but later PM Netanyahu’s office rejected this. He said that no such decision has been taken at present.

In fact, Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herji Halevi had said – We will provide fuel to the hospitals of Gaza. The situation in Gaza is being reviewed every day. For a week they have been saying that there is no fuel in Gaza’s hospitals. Preparations are being made to send fuel. It will be ensured that Hamas cannot use this fuel to fulfill its nefarious intentions.

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