Israel-Hamas war: 9 Israeli soldiers killed during ground operation in Gaza, IDF confirms

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Ground attacks by the Israeli army continue in Gaza as Israel Defence Forces intensified its operations in a bid to revenge October 7 attacks by the Hamas terrorists. In the latest development, at least nine soldiers of Israel were killed during ground operations. The IDF confirmed the deaths of the soldiers.

Even on the 26th day of the war, the Israeli army is standing firm in the Gaza Strip. On October 7, Hamas started the war by firing 5 thousand rockets simultaneously at Israel from the Gaza Strip and its members entered Israel and killed hundreds of people, after which Israel has been giving a befitting reply to Hamas.

The Israeli army surrounded the Gaza Strip. Along with air strikes, ground attacks are also being carried out at a rapid pace in Gaza targeting Hamas’s hideouts. On Tuesday, the Israeli army attacked Gaza’s largest refugee camp, killing several people. During the ground operation, 9 Israeli soldiers also lost their lives. The IDF has confirmed the death of the soldiers.

Internet services paused in Gaza

Internet communication services have been shut down in the Gaza Strip today. Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) said on Twitter: “To our people in the beloved country, we are saddened to announce that communications and internet services in Gaza have been completely shut down.”

Hamas’ military wing has vowed to turn Gaza into a “cemetery” for Israeli forces.

Israeli military operation intensifies in Gaza

At the same time, Israel has also intensified its military campaign in Gaza. Along with the deaths of the people of Gaza, Israel has also lost 9 of its soldiers. These deaths have been officially confirmed. However, Israel has continued its retaliatory actions.

Hamas attacked on October 7 and killed 1400 Israeli people. After which Israel, while vowing to destroy Hamas, has so far killed more than 8500 of their people.

No ceasefire: Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reafirmed that he is not thinking about ceasefire. He rejiterated that the war will continue till Hamas is completley destroyed.

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