Introducing EVI: Hume’s Revolutionary Conversational AI with Emotional Intelligence

Introducing EVI: Hume's Revolutionary Conversational AI with Emotional Intelligence

Introducing EVI: The latest artificial intelligence achievements are pushing the envelope. With AI, you can turn text prompts into images like Dall. E, or create entire videos like Sora. One of the pioneers is Inflection AI’s “intelligent and kind” chatbot Pi. The goal isn’t just to generate content.

New York-based Hume has created the world’s first conversational AI.

What do you mean by AI with emotional intelligence?

In recent years, AI apps have followed instructions to get to this, but imagine if they understood the user’s feelings and meaning too. That’s Hume’s new AI voice interface. As part of its empathic AI, this company is building an API that interprets emotional expressions and provides empathic responses. APIs are just channels for connecting software.

How Does It Work?

Hume’s conversational AI technology could revolutionize several fields by making apps interact with people like humans do.

In the future, we may have AI assistants that talk like humans, customer service agents that offer more natural and relatable service, and therapists that can understand a wide range of human emotions. To get started with this innovative technology, here’s a guide.

In Hume’s demo on, users can speak freely while the AI visualizes their moods.

The AI demonstrated a sense of humor and could mimic the user’s tone during a trial in the office.

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