Infosys: Three-Day Office Work Becomes Mandatory Under Murthy’s Vision

Infosys: Three-Day Office Work Becomes Mandatory Under Murthy's Vision

Infosys: It is the second-largest technology outsourcing company in India, and Infosys wants its workers to go back to work at least three days a week. After workers mostly ignored earlier requests, the company is soon going to make this a must. NR Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys, has said many times that longer work hours are needed to boost output and economic growth.

The Bangalore-based software company Vertical Heads sent an email to ET that said, “Please start coming to the office at least three days a week.” Soon enough, it will be required.” The company Infosys hasn’t said anything about this.

The email was angry that the workers hadn’t responded to earlier calls to come back to the office. It said that the three-year working-from-home deal because of the COVID-19 outbreak was long enough. The email also said that workers should start working from the office unless they have a physical reason not to.

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Infosys: Three-Day Office Work Becomes Mandatory Under Murthy’s Vision

The management was upset that some delivery units (DUs) were empty, so it has asked that clients be seen right away at the overseas development centers (ODCs). A person familiar with the situation says that the company has said it will look at requests from workers who have health problems on a case-by-case basis.

Another well-known IT company, Wipro, has told its workers that there will be “consequences” if they keep breaking its mixed work policy, which says that workers must be in the office three days a week. The company said that people who don’t follow the rules might not get some perks or get them withheld. The change would take place on January 7, the story said. A representative for Wipro said that the company will use a hybrid work method.

Tata Consultancy Services, which is India’s biggest software services company, has also taken steps to get back to normal working hours. It told its workers in a separate email that starting January 3, it will charge Rs 150 per day for bus services, with a maximum of Rs 1,500 per month. As of January 1, there will also be a Rs 100 per day fee for the health club services, with a Rs 700 monthly cap.

In the past, these services were offered for free to get workers to come back to the office. In the months before the pandemic, Infosys workers who were qualified could choose to work from home nine days a month. The attendance method will go back to how it was before the pandemic if the new rule is followed.

A lot of IT and tech companies, like Wipro, Capgemini, and LTIMindtree, started telling their workers to go back to the office in October. This was the opposite of the trend of people working from home.

At the beginning of the month, Infosys asked some workers to work from home 10 days a month, beginning November 20. The company wanted to bring teams and coworkers closer together while still letting people work from home if they needed to.

In a recent talk, NR Narayana Murthy stressed again how important it is to work 70 hours a week to boost output and India’s competitiveness. The IT industry has seen its growth slow down and its staff cut, so to boost efficiency, they are putting more emphasis on teams working together in person.

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