Induced AI: Know how a 19-year-old Indian raised $2.3 million from the inventor of ChatGPT

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Sam Altman of OpenAI was persuaded to contribute millions of dollars to the venture by two teenage Indians. One of the two young founders of Induced AI, Aryan Sharma, talked about how he got in touch with an investor like Altman and his early interest in AI and coding.

Aryan Sharma disclosed in an Overpowered podcast that he initially made tech relationships through cold outreach. He said that when he was 14 years old, he started sending emails to well-known people asking for advice. Some of those individuals, according to Sharma, even requested that he cease emailing them.

He disclosed that he and Ayush Pathak, the co-founder of Induced AI, traveled to San Francisco on vacation and saved money. After that, they lived with friends and attended gatherings where they saw others who were like to Altman. Aryan says he finally got to meet Altman after the two spent a lot of time attempting to network and connect with key figures in the AI community.

When Pathak and Sharma first met Altman

Sharma made the case to Altman that he would be happy to serve as his secretary so that he could spend time with him and learn about OpenAI. After the meeting, they made the decision to stay in touch. Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak contacted Altman during their new venture’s fundraising round.

Induced AI Explained

A browser developed by Induced AI basically uses an AI agent to do out tasks. AI employees, according to the business, will automate browser chores. The company claims that because the AI is entirely cloud-based, it won’t interfere with other processes running on the computer. Its assertions that its AI can produce thinking like to that of a human. With the exception of authentication, this will enable browser-to-web service interaction without human intervention.

According to Aryan’s explanation in one of his tweets, “We let anyone create virtual AI workers that can automate the execution of workflows on a browser in the cloud with human-like reasoning.”

Essentially, businesses may input their workflows in plain English with Induced AI, and it will instantly convert these instructions into pseudo-code to handle repetitive operations that are usually handled by back offices.

Names Supporting Induced AI

Sam Altman and other well-known figures in the AI community are supporting these Indian kids’ new business. In addition, the business has the support of Peak XV, Daniel Gross, Nat Friedman’s AI grant, and others.

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