Indigo Flights: Domestic & International Flights know History & News Updates

Indigo Flights

Inter Globe Aviation Ltd: Inter Globe Aviation Ltd., as IndiGo, is an Indian minimal airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana. With a 53.5% national customer base as of October 2021, it is India’s largest airline in terms of passengers transported and fleet capacity. 

About Indigo flights

Indigo Flights is also the biggest single Asian low-cost airline in terms of jet number of aircraft and passengers transported and the fourth biggest carrier in Asia, carrying over 6.4 crores passengers in the fiscal year 2018-19. As of 2019, the airline operates 1,500 daily flights to 96 destinations, 71 of which were domestic and 25 of which were international. Its main hub is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

History Of Indigo flights

Rakesh Gangwalof Inter Globe Enterprises and Rahul Bhatia created IndiGo as a private enterprise in 2006. Inter Globe owned 51.12% of IndiGo, while Gangwal’s Virginia-based firm Caelum Investments owned 47.88%. In June 2005, IndiGo secured a solid order for 100 Airlines A320-200 aircraft, with plans to commence operations in mid-2006.

IndiGo received its first plane on July 28, 2006, over a year after placing the order. It began service on August 4, 2006, with a route connecting New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati.

The airline operated six planes by the close of 2006, and nine more were added in 2007. IndiGo surpassed state-run carrier Air India to become India’s third largest airline, trailing only Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways, with a 17.3% passenger market share in December 2010.

IndiGo secured another deal for 300 Airbus A320neo airplanes worth 2.3 lakh crores in October 2019, breaking its record for the largest single order in Airbus history.

The airline was the first in India to perform 1,500 daily flights in December 2019. It became India’s first aircraft with a fleet of more than 250 aircraft on December 31, 2019.

Corporate ownership and structure

Interglobe Airlines Limited is traded publicly on the NSE under the symbol INDIGO and has a market valuation of about 32,702.61 Crores as of March 23, 2020.

IndiGo is located in Gurugram, Haryana.   

Fleet Advancements

IndiGo secured an agreement for 100 Aircraft A320-200 aircraft for $6 billion during the Air Show Paris in June 2005, with plans to begin operations in mid-2006.

The airline acquired its first-ever A320 in July 2006, with plans to add 100 more by 2015-2016. On January 11, 2011.

IndiGo signed a memorandum of agreement for an incremental 180 Airbus A320 aircraft, including 150 with the Option NEO, valued at US$15 billion.

The airline received its 50th aircraft in 2012, and the 100th aeroplane was delivered on November 4, 2014, fulfilling its initial order before schedule.

The Airbus A320neo planes purchased in 2011 were supposed to arrive in 2015. To meet demand, IndiGo cleaned 22 old aircraft due to a delay in the manufacturing and delivery of these aircraft.

IndiGo announced its plan to acquire 250 more A320neo aircraft worth 25.7 billion dollars at list prices on October 15, 2014.


IndiGo, as a low-cost carrier, only offers economy-class seating. IndiGo does not serve free meals on any of its aircraft to keep rates cheap, but it does offer buy-on-board in-flight food service. There is no in-flight entertainment. Hello 6E, IndiGo’s in-flight magazine, is now accessible for customers to read.

IndiGo provides premium services to travelers wanting to pay a higher ticket, such as a ticket before a seat, multiple cancellations, and priority check-in.