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Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

Indian Oil Corporation

Trust makes us ‘the energy of India.’

About Indian Oil Corporation: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL; d/b/a IndianOil) is a government-owned Indian oil and gas exploration and production company in New Delhi. Indian Oil remains the country’s highest-ranked PSU. Indian Oil is a diversified, integrated power major with existence in nearly all flows of oil, gas, petrochemicals, and sources of energy; a world of high-caliber people, cutting-edge innovations, and cutting-edge R&D; a world of quality standards, quality consciousness, and clarity; and a world where energy in all its shapes is tapped greatest responsibly and delivered to consumers at the lowest cost.

It is one of India’s most socially responsible brands and has successfully integrated its corporate social responsibility mission with its business products.

The Corporation has supported several programs related to health, family welfare, education, environmental protection, potable water, sanitation, and the empowerment of women and other marginalized groups in the communities in which it operates. 

Indian Oil Corporation Business Outreach

Through its network of over 56,000 customer touch-points, Indian Oil delivers precious petroleum fuels to every nook and cranny of the country. Its marketing network is bolstered by a group Refining Capacity of 80.55 MMTPA and over 15,000 kilometers of cross-country pipelines.

Every day, over 34,000 petrol stations across India power the dreams and aspirations of around 30 million Indians. Indane, an LPG brand owned by Indian Oil, serves over 140 million users. With a petrochemical production capacity of over 3200 KTA, it is one of India’s leading petrochemical players. 

Conduct research into all aspects of hydrogen, including production, storage, etc. as fuel cells—Indian oil refineries in Mathura and Panipat. Indian Oil is forming critical relationships to strengthen the country’s Green Hydrogen ecosystem. Indian Oil has established itself as a critical player in the country’s CGD (City Gas Distribution). Scheme. 

Under the brand name “IndiGreen,” the first Indian business began marketing CBG. IndianOil has approximately 70 MW of solar PV and 168 MW of wind power, for a total renewable energy capacity of nearly 240 MW.

IOC Phinergy Private Limited (IOP) was formed in collaboration with the Israeli company Phinergy Limited to commercialize the Aluminium-Air Battery technology in India. Over 2000 EV charging stations have been installed at Indian Oil Fuel Stations across the country. Nearly Rs 1800 crore was spent. 

Indian Oil Corporation’s Mascot

During the 62nd Indian Oil Day celebrations, Indian Oil unveiled its official brand mascot, the ‘Indian Oil Rhino.’ As the ‘Energy of India’ accelerates to a better tomorrow, there is an urgent need to reimagine and revive Indian Oil’s brand appeal and reach out to customers in every nook and cranny with a revitalized promise of excellence. The mascot hopes to establish a deep emotional connection with Indian Oil customers. 

The expansion

Indian Oil has interests spanning the whole hydrocarbon value chain, from refining to pipeline transport and marketing to crude oil and gas quest and production, gas marketing, alternative energy sources, petrochemicals, and downstream globalization. It has global ambitions, partially met through establishing subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Sweden, the UAE, the US, and the Netherlands.

It is pursuing a wide range of commercial interests by forming over 15 joint ventures with reputable business partners from India and internationally to explore its global potential.

The Indian Oil Corporation’s petroleum stocks have been transferred to the Oil Industry Development Board (OIDB). The OIDB then established the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd (ISPRL) as the strategic reserve’s managing government body.