How key word ‘Near Me Searches’ can help local businesses

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is useful for several purposes, including boosting local businesses. A recent feature on The Verge explored a unique way to reach targeted readers to give a push to local trades. The thoughtful usage of key words like Thai Food Near Me help local restaurant to rank on the internet search.

So, let’s examine the strategic use of key names to help local business but, before resorting to wide outlook on this, have an understanding of negative and positive aspects.

Negative aspect: Distance Is A Crucial Ranking Factor

The key word – best restaurants near me – will only work to rank unless they are physically located near the person who is searching it.

Now, the question is why’s so?

The reason is ‘Distance’. Distance is one of the three critical ranking factors for Google local search results.

Let’s understand this with this example. If a restaurant owner wants people in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Hyderabad to discover their restaurant branch with the key word – best restaurant near me. For this result in search items, they need to optimize for the best restaurant and must have a physical presence in above cities. Also, the restaurant must be located at the precise location of the searcher.

Let’s examine a related question, does a restaurant requires to be ranked number one in search results as the best near searcher in Noida if its only physical location is in Delhi?

The answer is – maybe – because if the restaurant has something special to offer outside of the city. The officer might be very unique and popular in the region. People happily travel an hour or half-an-hour to relish  good foods.

As the key words- best restaurantsbest breakfastbest food, etc., near me, are popular names in the searched items, the restaurant owner will like to their restaurant to be one in the searches.

Here in the graphics, the orange to red shaded Keyword Difficulty (KD%) indicators next to each phrase, it can be seen that it was challenging to rank for many of the best ____ near me terms.

Positive aspect: Relevance And Prominence

The positive aspect is several local businesses don’t need to rank for the best anything outside of the city in which they are located.

Most profit of the restaurants come from the physically near them in search to generate profit. They hardly need to bother about the customes stay aways several kilometres. By using relevance and prominence popular keyword phrases, they can achieve the desired revenue targets.

Connect With Local Media

There are some other ways too to boost local businesses. Local traders need to connect with local journalists, reporters, and reviewers to get featured in articles or features about the their business and products.

How local trade can rank in  ‘Near Me Searches’

The local businessmen should find the people who have created similar content – and their editors. They should engage with them and ask their support to promote their products on the social media which help to rank on searches.

Social Media Influencers

Nowadays, social media plays a key role in product promotion. Youth don’t solely depend on Google. They are very active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and social media influencers can help local business to rank on searches.


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