Google updates Hidden Gems Ranking

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Google made an important announcement on the hidden gems ranking system or update. According to the search engine, it has rolled out its hidden gems ranking system.

What’s hidden gems update?

The hidden gems update helps promote content deep within forum posts, social media, and blog posts. However, the hidden gems system helps only when Google Search thinks posts provide authentic content based on personal insights and experiences.

Hidden gems update live for months

Some posts on X suggest  that Google started to roll out as part of core updates a few months ago. The development was not part of the helpful content update, the posts claimed. The move is strange because Google a few weeks ago said that it was not live (maybe it was not live as part of the helpful content update?).

Google’s Public Liaison for Search Danny Sullivan wrote on X a few days ago, “This work is still continuing and is not part of this particular update. We’ll share more about our work in this area in the future.”

So while people were Interpreting about rolling out of the hidden gems updates, the IT giant has actually implemented.

Will not helpful content update

The reality is different what people originally were told and thought. The hidden gems ranking system is not part of the helpful content update. In fact, it is Google’s own ranking system, its own ranking algorithm, to find this type of content that Google considers “hidden gems.”

Google said it did not incorporate this update within the helpful content update. The reason, the IT giant gave was the update worked better as improvements with its core ranking.”

However, initially Google claimed the hidden gems aspect would be part of a future helpful content update. But, Google’s Brad Kellett, Senior Director on Google Search product and engineering, refute the statement saying that was not the case. This is its own algorithm, its own ranking system, he added.

Know more about Hidden Gems

IT experts say Google aims at finding these hidden gems within forums – blog posts, social media and other places.

Hidden gems classify type of content that can be perceived as especially helpful and in the past, might have been harder to appear in results.

“Helpful information can often live in unexpected or hard-to-find places: a comment in a forum thread, a post on a little-known blog, or an article with unique expertise on a topic,” wrote Google. So this seems to be related to that.