Google News will no longer support new manual publications to the Google Publisher Center

Google’s new upcoming update will not allow publishers to publish manually on the Google Publisher Center.

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Google’s news upcoming update will not allow publishers to publish manually on the Google Publisher Center. The new update will start adding eligible publications automatically later this year.

With this update, there are chances of having more confusion around the Google News inclusion that has been there since 2019 when Google changed the inclusion process. Google noted that publishers would no longer be able to add publications to the Publisher Center and will roll out an automatic transition later this year, for the created publication pages.

The company stated that the feature previously allowed publishers to create a manual source page for users to follow, which is likely to continue until later this year wherein the pages will shift from manual to automatic and users would continue to follow their favorite publications.

Google added that the content from the publishers adhering to the content policies would be automatically eligible for Google News and across the News surface.

The inclusion process of Google News once used to be a clear and straight process, which has started causing a lot of confusion and frustration among publishers as the automation process is completely unclear and not transparent which would make it more confusing for publishers.

Google generally indexes and crawls content automatically from websites that include news articles. With this, publications still get displayed and discovered in Google News without manually adding them to the Publisher Center. But the factor that influences the appearance in Google News depends on the content quality, hence writing original and high-quality news-related content remains vital for visibility.

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