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Google November 2023 Reviews update out

The search engine giant Google said Google November 2023 reviews update had started to roll out this week on November 8, 2023 at about 12 pm ET.

According to the company, the update will be the last time. It is now more of a regular update, compared to past reviews updates, Google confirms.

“Released the November 2023 reviews update. Learn more about how to write high quality reviews. Going forward, as the reviews system is now being improved at a regular and ongoing pace, we will no longer be posting about future updates on the status dashboard,” Google, in a post on its search status dashboard explained.

Here is the Google’s post-

Earlier, the IT company had told users last week the specific update would reach a point when Google won’t be giving periodic notifications of improvements to reviews system, as they would be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.

Notably, the last reviews update was a significant one in a way that it no longer just impacted product reviews but also impacted products, services, and things in more general.

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Required Documentation Updates

Google also changed some of its reviews system documentation page for the latest update project.

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