Google Gemini Chatbot Service Now Available in India and Neighboring Countries

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Google has expanded its chatbot technology across the South Asian market called the Gemini chatbot service. The app and its advanced features will be available now for users in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Pakistan. This technology was earlier available only in a few markets. The introduction of the technology aligns with Google’s mission to make AI chatbot available to a bigger audience in the region.

The Google Gemini chatbot was initially available in certain Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Pixel phones. With the expansion, more devices will be given the access to the new AI-powered chatbot.

Considering the expansion, any devices that have at least GB RAM or more will be able to use Gemini AI hassle-free in the Messages app. With this Google will extend its reach to millions of new users and democratize the use of advanced messaging tools.

The new chatbot has been designed to enhance the user communication experience by offering intelligent assistance in brainstorming ideas and crafting messages. The chatbot supports languages like English and French (in many countries) with more languages to be included soon. The company has outlined its commitment to expanding the technology with regional availability to provide seamless AI support to its users.

Despite the reach, the AI-powered Gemini technology rollout is excluded in the European Union countries due to compliance issues and regulatory complexities in the region. Google remains focused on resolving the issue and remains positive on making it available in the EU.

In India considering its landscape, Google Gemini will be available in English along with nine other languages like Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu and Gujarati.

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