Google Announced AdSense for Search to Stop Serving Over Google, Ad Personalization Deprecating

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Google AdSense

Google Announced AdSense: This month Google has made the announcement regarding Search Ads publisher product in which they announced that from now on AdSense for Search (AFS) and other search ads products will stop using to serve ads and so that means the ad personalization will be deprecated for these products because Google cookies will be no longer be available to these product. Now Google is moving the search ads publisher products from which was serving their domain, which will now be listed all these search ads publisher to the new domain. So from now instead of publishers will see these served domains products in scope – AdSense for Search (AFS), AdSense for Shopping (AFSh), and Programmable Search Engine (ProSE).

Reasons To Change Adsense Publisher Product

The reasons that Google are making these change is to improve there end user privacy, and they are also preparing for the products for upcoming changes to cookie behavior on common web platforms such as chrome browser. Because now the ads will not be served using, then they will no longer have personalization. And also these products will not have the access to any shared cookies with Google properties while serving AdSense.

Impact of this Change

Now after the announcement Google cookies will not be available at ad serving time and also there ad  personalization will be deprecated for all the ads products, which also means that publisher who gets the controls to enable or disable the personalized ads will now can’t sets the personalization and you will also not be able to adjust ad settings through Google ad settings, which also includes blocking ads or other setting preferences for the AdSense that serve on your website from these products like AFS, AFSh and ProSE.

But you may still face some Google or advertiser cookies after clicking on an ad. and also you should expected to have some minor impact on ad performance, because these search Ads publisher products are heavily depends on the user query for ad targeting, Now this change will be expected to have a minor impact on ad performance. In the coming months, Google are also planning to stop using the cookies which is shared with Google properties for measurement.

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