Exclusive Reveal of Finalists for the Black List-Inspired Athena List

Finalists for the Black List-Inspired Athena List

Finalists for the Black List-Inspired Athena List: The Athena Film Festival has named the finalists for the 2024 Athena List, which is a collection of unproduced screenplays about women in leadership that is modeled after the Black List.

Exclusive Reveal of Finalists for the Black List-Inspired Athena List

Some well-known films that have been shown at the Barnard-based festival’s Athena List include the biopic On the Basis of Sex about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clemency by Chinonye Chukwu, Daniel Stiepleman’s (On the Basis of Sex) Out of My Mind, which is set to play at Sundance 2024, and Lilly, starring Patricia Clarkson and about Lilly Ledbetter and her fight for fair pay.

The finalists for this year are: 7 on 10 by Samantha Lavin; A Bridge Between Us by Gina Hackett; I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore by Missy Hernandez; Keesha Goes to Camp by Rebecca Jordan Smith; Liars by Alicia Louzoun-Heisler; The Pendulum Woman by Katherine Hayes; and Skrrrt! by Gabriela García Medina and Katherine Craft.

In 7 on 10, a former WNBA player who was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter while drunk and given a seven-year prison term deals with her past both on and off the court.

Based on a true story, A Bridge Between Us is about the wife of the head engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge who reluctantly takes over his job when he gets hurt while building the bridge, becoming the first woman to work as an engineer in the world.

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In I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore, the main character is a scientist who has to go back to her family roots to get away from a curse that is putting her and her future child in danger.

In Keesha Goes to Camp, a shy Black tween is sent to an outdoor summer camp where she faces challenges from nature, enemies, and people of the opposite sex.

Liars is a queer character-driven thriller set in Silicon Valley. A brilliant neuroscientist whose work hasn’t gotten enough attention gets caught up in a mystery when she’s hired to use her AI lie-detection technology to look into sexual misconduct claims against a major tech CEO.

Edith Wharton is the main character of The Pendulum Woman. She is a writer who has just gotten separated and has a lot of connections. At the start of World War I, she decides to stay in Paris and fight for France.

Skrrrt! is about a teenage girl with muscular dystrophy who gets into Harvard but can’t afford to go. To get money to go, she gets together with some high school enemies to steal a car during Art Basel in Miami.

“As the Athena List enters its ninth year, we’re proud announce the 2024 finalists and look forward to recognizing them at our festival next month,” Athena Film Festival artistic director Melissa Silverstein said in a statement. “These scripts encompass an impressive diversity of topics and genres, and we’re excited to follow these projects’ paths given this initiative’s successful track record.”

The Athena List has had more than 1,500 entries since it began in 2014, and more than 70 winners and finalists have been chosen. Also, the Alfred P. Sloan Athena List Development Grant and The Disney Athena List Development Grant have given more than $70,000 in funds to winners and finalists on the Athena List.

It will be revealed at the 2024 Athena Film Festival, which will take place at Barnard College in New York from February 29 to March 3.

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