What is EmoAda? How this helps human being with understanding the emotions

AI EmoAda

What is EmoAda: EmoAda is a new AI system designed to help people feel better by understanding their emotions and providing support. It was created to offer affordable emotional help by engaging in conversations about feelings.

The system collects real-time data from users, like what they say and how they look, to analyze emotions and offer personalized responses, such as suggesting activities like meditation or music for relaxation.

Users appreciate the anonymity EmoAda provides, making it easier for them to share their feelings.

EmoAda Aim

EmoAda AIM
EmoAda AIM

The researchers aim to enhance EmoAda’s reliability and professionalism to make it a valuable support service for those in need. In a separate development, researchers at Dartmouth College have developed Mood Capture, an app that uses AI to detect early signs of depression by analyzing facial expressions through smartphone cameras.