Elvish Yadav reacts to allegations of snake venom used for rave parties, gives message for Maneka Gandhi

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Bigg Boss OTT-2 winner Elvish Yadav, who was booked by Noida Police in a case related to supplying snake venom in rave parties, defended himself saying he has no relation with persons arrested by the cops. A case has been registered against Elvish in which he has been accused of attending a party where snake venom was used for intoxication and foreign girls were also invited.

Although Elvish has rejected these allegations through a video statement as the controversy snowballed. After the case was registered against Elvish, former Union Minister and BJP MP Maneka Gandhi had called him a traitor. Now Elvis has retaliated against Maneka’s statement. Enraged by Maneka’s statement, Elvish has warned her to be ready to apologise. He said in the video that he was ready to cooperate with Noida Police and he requested to the media to not to defame him until the matter is investigated thoroughly.

What did Maneka Gandhi say?

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi is also famous as an animal lover. She also runs an organization, which works for the protection of stray animals and takes action against the atrocities on them. After the case was filed against Elvish, Maneka had said that we have had our eyes on this guy (Elvish Yadav) for a long time. In the videos he posts on YouTube, he often shows the snakes he wears. These are all protected species. This is considered a serious crime. The punishment for possessing these is seven years. After this we came to know that he sells snake venom. After this, we pretended to organize a rave party to trap them. Then he poisoned five people and sent them there. Maneka said, people like Elvish are traitors, who run the entire gang.

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