Electric Scooters: History, EV Scooters Price 2024, Mileage & Battery

History of Electric Scooter

Electric scooters- Introduction  

Electric scooters are the type of scooters that operate on DC power units and have had good market growth in the past couple of years. Electric Scooters are not only popular because they run on batteries but also are in support of nature and prevent pollution. 

Advantages of Electric Scooters 

  • They do require not any kind of fuel like petrol or diesel to operate 
  • Electric Scooters are lighter than other Fuel Consumption Vehicles. 
  • They are eco-friendly and support the environment by producing 0% harmful gas while supporting noise pollution too. 
  • Maintenance and service charges are much less 
  • They can be charged anywhere; home or office and their charging stations are present at different locations.  
  • They are easy to use and for people who do not want their vehicle to have so much weight, electric scooters are the best option for them. 

History of Electric Scooter 

In 1919 Ransomes, Sims, and Jefferies started manufacturing electric scooters that ran on batteries and had a sidecar. In 1967 Karl Kordesch, working for some couple of years, manufactured a hybrid electric scooter that has a Nickel Cadmium Battery and gives a speed of 25 kmph. 

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In 1996 first mass-produced electric scooters were launched which had a top speed of 40 kmph. In the upcoming year, Vectrix introduced the first electric scooter with high-quality top-level features.

Huge growth was seen in the sales and manufacturing of scooters until VinFast launched new technologies based on electric scooters Vinfast Klara A1, VinFast Ara A2, VinFast Ludo, and Vinfast Impes. 

In 2021 and 2022 more than 10000 + plus scooters were sold in just 3 months which is replacing the fuel consumption vehicles and supporting modern technologies.

Growth of Electric Scooters 

China is the leading country that has gained maximum growth in electric scooters. Over 10 million electric scooters since 2013 were sold in China. In November 2020, China sold more than 300 million scooters with more than 30000 electric scooters in the Asia Pacific and Europe regions.

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In India Ampere and Hero Electric scooters were sold in maximum numbers. The Indian government decided that the charge for electric scooters in India will range from 50000 for electric hybrid scooters.