Egg Prices Decrease As Weather Increases

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The recent heat wave is affecting the price of eggs. Because they are very perishable, they are being sold at cheaper prices so that production is not lost. See below what most affects the product price. Unseasonal heat Too much supply and hot weather bring the price down. Producers are offering eggs at a discount to consumers, as the higher temperature reduces the shelf life of the product, according to Cepea (Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics), Esalq-USP (Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz Queiroz da Universidade from Sao Paulo).

However, the relief for those who buy is temporary. josias de Souza Rosa Weber sticks a thorn in Lula’s foot Sakamoto Heleno unleashes truculence when reacting to the senator Juliana Dal Piva Bolsonaro does not believe that Cid is accusing him Juca Kfouri Corinthians starts looking for the cup they don’t have Strong sun has a direct impact on product quality. High temperatures cause thermal stress in chickens, which feed less and hatch smaller eggs, says Cepea livestock market analyst Juliana Ferraz. In sheds without air conditioning, as are generally the farms of small and medium producers, chickens are more susceptible to the climate.

Heat stress can lead to chicken death. According to Juliana, there are reports from producers about the death of “400 chickens per day” because of thermometers above 30ºC. Price drops are not common at this time of year. The heat wave used to only impact values ​​in the summer, says Juliana. According to her, prices start to fall from December onwards, but this year it happened in winter and spring. Prices fell by 30% Egg carton value drops 30% in 4 months. In the city of Bastos (SP), a reference in production in the state of São Paulo, a box with 30 dozen red eggs was sold for R$ 221.30 on May 19th and that of white eggs was sold for R$ 191.87 on May 30th. May.

Last Monday (25), prices were R$152.60 and R$134.08, respectively, according to Cepea, a reduction of 31% and 25%. Protein prices fall, but the balance of the year is a double-digit increase. The IPCA-15 (Broad National Consumer Price Index-15), the inflation preview , shows that chicken eggs were 3.77% cheaper in September, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) . In the year to date, the increase is 11.67%, driven mainly by the reduction in supply from February to May , and an appreciation of 15.61% in the sum of the last 12 months.

Continues after advertising Related Driven by gasoline, inflation preview accelerates and reaches 5% in 12 months New pandemics are likely to arrive, but we are better prepared, says Pfizer Understand the new phase of Desenrola and how to renegotiate debts of up to R$5,000 The producer has a lower cost today, but the customer does not feel this positive impact on their pocket because there is a marketing issue that involves production, distribution and sale to the final consumer.

Juliana Ferraz, researcher at Cepea Environment where chickens live facilitates or hinders the egg production process, says Cepea expert Image: Epitácio Pessoa/Estadão Conteúdo Seasonal effect should end in October The situation should improve in October. The forecast of more moderate temperatures at the turn of the month could help stop the fall in prices, says the president of ABPA (Brazilian Animal Protein Association), Ricardo Santin. The end of the year is a time of increased egg consumption.

Temporary hiring and the 13th salary for workers with a formal contract increases the population’s purchasing power, assesses the director of HN Agro, Hyberville Neto. As it is a protein that is very present on the Brazilian table, it is difficult to think that eggs will be left aside, he says. We hope that this wave of intense heat will not be repeated during October and should stabilize, as well as the boost in sales that may have had an impact on the price. From now on, the egg market will stabilize more because consumption is greater at the end of the year.

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