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About Morepen laboratories

Morepen was started in 1984 by K B Suri and started manufacturing Ampicillin a year later. In 1992 the company listed itself on all stock markets including BSE, NSE, etc., in 1996, its turnover grossed over INR 1 Billion. In 1999 it launched its own OTC generic division and DIagnostic division ‘Medipath. The year 2000 marked its tie-up with DiamMed AG for the manufacture of blood grouping products and malaria kits.

In 2001 the company launched its health brand “ Dr. Morepen” and Burnol still reigns as its flagship product. The year 2009 Morepen Laboratories appointed Sonali Bendre as its Brand Ambassador. In 2019, its R & D center received recognition from the Government Of India.

In 2020, the company received ISO Certification for its medical services.

Presently Mr. Sushil Suri serves as the Chairman and Director of the company and Mr.Sanjay Suri is the Executive director of the board.

Kicked off with a single drug, morepen is now associated with around 80000 doctors, 100000 pharmacies, and 2 lakh retail stores and boasts of manufacturing units.

Manufacturing Facilities

Masulkhana Facility at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh with an annual production capacity of 1000 MT.

Baddi facility at Himachal Pradesh with an annual production capacity of 1500 MT

Company name Morepen Laboratories Ltd.
Listed as  BSE:500288
Headquarters  New Delhi
Founded  1984
Subsidiaries  Morepen Inc., Doctor Morepen Limited

Morepen Laboratories products


bulk manufacturer of API products. Bestowed with US FDA Certification.Montelukast(60 MT per annum), generic Loratadine(150 MT per annum), and Atorvastatin are its major production capabilities.

Other APIs include: Aripiprazole, Desloratadine, Zafirlukast, Ramipril, Bupropipion, Atorvastatin Crystalline, Pregabalin, Ezetimibe,Telmisartan, Venlafaxine, etc.

Home diagnosis products

First pharmaceutical company in India to manufacture Glucose Monitors and strips. Its popular tagline reads “Health in your hands.” It was the first company in India to redefine OTC (over-the-counter) as Fast Moving Health Goods (FMHG)

Dr. Morepen Gluco One

Dr. Morepen  BP One

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer

Dr. Morepen compressor nebulizer

Dr. Morepen Oximeter

Dr. Morepen heat belt

Dr. Morepen digital thermometer

R & D center

Uses WHO & US FDA-approved products and has filed 54-plus patents globally. 

OTC Products 

Morepen Laboratories has some of the flagship OTC products in its kitty. Burnol, Lemolate, Fever-X, etc., are some of them.

Morepen laboratories have acquired a healthy and beauty store Lifespring with over 125 types of tablet productions.

So, this was all about Morepen Laboratories, its share prices, APIs, its home diagnostic products, and its journey in the pharmaceutical industry.