Domestic Flights : Know all Facts and Domestic flight new guidelines

Domestic Flights

Tracks on, keep your domestic destination on!!

Trying to escape somewhere within your own country? Then please remember that domestic flights are here to take anywhere within your country’s limits!!

Domestic flights India

India is home to 137 airports out of 103 are entirely domestic airports. The longest domestic flight in India flies from Delhi to Port Blair while the shortest commutes between Jammu and Srinagar. Gujarat has 10 operational airports making it one of the highest in the country.

Best domestic flight

InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. operating as IndiGo dominates the domestic flights market with around 54% of the market share. Vistara, Air Asia, SpiceJet, and Go First are some of the service providers.

Domestic flight new guidelines

While the COVID outbreak had ceased domestic flight operations, the Ministry of Civil Aviation allowed flights with 33% capacity which were later phased out to 50%,65%, and finally reached 85%. Now the government has lifted all restrictions on seating capacity allowing flights to operate at full capacity while retaining caps on maximum and minimum fares no, and meals for less than 2-hour journeys remain in place.

With domestic flights in full swing to take you around, guidelines to stop the spread of covid 19 and COVID-19 appropriate behavior should be duly followed.

Domestic flight bookings

If you are thinking of taking a domestic flight then don’t forget to finish your bookings 21-25 days before your journey. Check out these cool websites that will assist you in booking your domestic air travel !!

Domestic flights baggage

Worried about how much luggage you could take in for your domestic travel?? Look out for the baggage allowance policies of some of the service providers!!

 P.S. A maximum of 7 kg of hand baggage and one personal item up to (15kg) remains the new limit allowed with effect from 24th October 2020.

lines  Hand baggage(in kg) Check-in Baggage(in kg)
IndiGo 7kg /customer 15kg/ customer (1 piece)
Air India 8 kg per customer (economy)

12 kg per customer (business or first class)

40 kg for first class

35 kg for business class 

25 kg for economy 

Vistara  7 kg for the economy

10 kg premium economy

12 kg business class

15 kg for economy

25 kg for the premium economy

25 kg for business class

SpiceJet 7 kg per customer  15 kg (1 piece) only per customer
Air Asia 7 kg/person 15 kg/person
Go First 7 kg /person 15 kg per person

So let’s get going!! Check out the Best Domestic Flights now, Book Domestic Flights today. Check out the Baggage Allowed and don’t forget to follow the New Guidelines during your travel.