Delhi-NCR Pollution: Air quality remains in ‘severe’ zone amid several moves to improve AQI

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Delhi NCR Air Pollution: Air pollution has reached its peak in Delhi-NCR region. According to the Central Pollution Control Board of Delhi, the AQI (Delhi Air Quality Index) in Delhi has remained in the severe category. AQI in Ayanagar, Delhi is 464. Whereas AQI 486 has been recorded in Dwarka Sector 8, 463 in Jahangirpuri and AQI 480 in IGI Airport T3.

People were facing problems due to the thick blanket of smog in the national capital region. Some people are facing a lot of problems and have to constantly struggle with diseases like colds and coughs due to ‘severe’ level AQI.

Earlier, the air pollution in Delhi reached very ‘severe’ levels on Sunday. The AQI crossed 500 at many places in Delhi-NCR on Saturday. Due to increasing levels of air pollution, primary classes was closed for two days (last Friday and Saturday).

Graded Action Response System (GRAP) 3 has been implemented to deal with the pollution situation in the capital.

All non-essential construction work has been banned in the capital. A ban has been imposed on the entry of light commercial vehicles and diesel-powered trucks. Due to increasing smog, people are facing difficulty in breathing as well as burning sensation in the eyes. In such a situation, experts have advised people about what to do and what not to do in view of increasing pollution.

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