Delhi-NCR air pollution: No relief for people, AQI drops in Punjab too

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Delhi’s air continues to be poisonous, but the good thing is that the weather department noticed fluctuations in the air quality level due to light winds. On Tuesday, the AQI level was around 350 at many places in Delhi. The Delhi government announced bringing odd-even to tackle air pollution. Grape 3 restrictions are already in place in Delhi but not much impact is being seen.

For the last three weeks, the air level in Delhi has been continuously deteriorating, and the AQI in many areas of Delhi has continuously remained above 400. The Supreme Court has also expressed concern in this entire matter. The top court has said that in view of the increasing level of pollution, Delhi and other states should impose restrictions. There has been a slight decline in pollution on Monday and Tuesday but it is still at the danger mark.

On Tuesday, the overall air quality index of Delhi was 356, which is a very bad situation. Whereas in Delhi, the most polluted air was from Anand Vihar area which was 458. The lowest AQI level was reported in in Pusa Road area of Delhi where it was recorded at 324.

Punjab also faces trouble

Neighboring state Punjab is also facing drop in the AQI level in many cities. The air quality situation in cities like Bathinda, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala has become a matter of concern. There is a good experience of winter in the weather, but there is no cold during the day at the moment. However, due to pollution, people here are facing breathing problems. AQI level in Bathinda has reached 343. Whereas 200 has been recorded in Amritsar, 242 in Ludhiana and 251 in Patiala.

The figure of stubble burning in Punjab has reached 20,978. Although a slight decline has been seen in the cases of stubble burning, the increasing pollution due to this is ruining the name of many cities. In the last 10 days, more than 16500 cases of stubble burning have been reported.

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