Delhi Air Pollution: Govt in action as AQI reaches lowest before Diwali

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On one side is the country’s capital Delhi, and on the other side is its economic capital Mumbai. This city is also called Mayanagari. But these days both these cities are suffocating. It is becoming difficult to breathe.

The poison dissolved in the air is making people sick. The air continues to remain bad in both cities. Now the shadow of pollution seems to be falling till the Cricket World Cup.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has made a big announcement regarding the increasing air pollution in Delhi. Gopal Rai has said that construction work will be banned for five consecutive days in areas with ‘severe’ category air quality.

The minister said that construction work will be banned in areas of the national capital where the Air Quality Index (AQI) will be recorded above 400. Rai further said that AQI has been recorded around 350 in Delhi for the last few days and meteorologists say that this situation is due to the drop in temperature and slow wind speed.

He said, “This situation will continue for the next few days, so the next few days are important for Delhi.” Despite this, precautionary measures have been implemented under the second level of the central government’s air pollution control scheme, the level is increasing.

Instructions for giving heater to security guard

The Environment Minister said that therefore the Delhi government will stop construction work within a radius of one kilometer of those areas where AQI will be more than 400 points for five consecutive days.

Gopal Rai said that he has instructed the nodal officers to strictly implement air pollution control measures in such areas. The government has directed all ministries and residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) to provide heaters to prevent security forces from lighting bonfires to escape the cold.

When is AQI considered ‘severe’?

Rai also said that to strengthen public transport and reduce vehicle pollution, 1,000 private CNG buses will be contracted and operated. The Delhi Municipal Corporation has been directed to use water sprinklers to control dust pollution, he said.

Let us tell you that AQI between zero and 50 is ‘good’, between 51 and 100 ‘satisfactory’, between 101 and 200 ‘moderate’, between 201 and 300 ‘bad’, between 301 and 400 ‘very bad’. , and between 401 and 500 is considered ‘severe’.

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